Fani Willis, Nathan Wade subpoenaed to testify regarding misconduct claims

February 1, 2024
Ryan Ledendecker

Fulton County, Georgia DA Fani Willis' year just went from really bad to much worse.

According to ABC News, Willis, along with prosecutor Nathan Wade, have been subpoenaed "to testify at an upcoming evidentiary hearing set to examine allegations that they were involved in an improper relationship while investigating the former president."

The bombshell revelation was revealed in a recent lawsuit filing.

Willis has been accused of having an inappropriate relationship with Wade, who was going through a divorce.

What's happening?

Ashleigh Merchant, an attorney for one of former President Donald Trump's co-defendants in the Georgia indictment, filed the lawsuit against Willis after she claimed she was being stonewalled in her attempts to obtain information via public records requests.

ABC News noted:

The claim that Willis and Wade had been subpoenaed to testify was contained in a copy of the lawsuit, obtained by ABC News, that was filed by the attorney for one of Trump's co-defendants in the election case, accusing the Fulton County district attorney's office of "intentionally withholding information."

Willis' office, not surprisingly, denied the claim, and told ABC News, "We provided her with all the materials she requested and is entitled to."

The situation is especially bad for Willis and Wade, who will both testify on the matter in a televised hearing set to air on Feb. 15.

Trump and his attorneys have already used Willis' alleged inappropriate financial and romantic relationship with Wade as grounds to have her charges against him thrown out.

ABC News added:

Merchant, the attorney for Trump co-defendant Michael Roman, made the misconduct allegations against Willis earlier this month in a filing that seeks to dismiss the election interference indictment and disqualify Willis based on allegations that she "engaged in a personal, romantic relationship" with prosecutor Nathan Wade that allegedly resulted in financial gain for both of them.

Social media reacts

The news that Willis and Wade will now have to testify resulted in a massive social media response, with many additional questions raised regarding how it affects Trump's election interference case.

"Willis was paying Wade with state money to get orders for indicting and charging Trump directly from the White House," one X user wrote.

Another X user wrote, "Gotta love it when they go after Trump and they end up being the one that gets prosecuted! They all think they are untouchable!"

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