Fani Willis disqualification ruling expected soon: Report

 March 4, 2024

It is looking likely that Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis (D) will be disqualified from the case in which she is prosecuting former President Donald Trump. 

Newsweek reports that Judge Scott McAfee, the judge overseeing the Willis disqualification effort, suggested as much in remarks that he made on Friday.

Willis has been accused of hiring her lover, Nathan Wade, to prosecute Trump and of awarding Wade a lucrative contract that he then used, in part, to take Willis on trips.

Both Wade and Willis have testified before McAfee, and both have denied any wrongdoing. But, evidence has come to light that has contradicted their testimony, and it is looking more and more likely as though Willis is going to be removed from the Trump case.

The latest

Last week, closing arguments took place in the Willis disqualification case. Trump's legal team attempted to present new evidence that has come to light, but McAfee refused to see it because the defense had not had the opportunity to see it.

But, it was what McAfee said at this point that has led some to believe that he is leaning toward disqualifying Willis.

"I'd like to hear more of how some of the legal arguments apply to what has already been presented, and it may already be possible for me to make a decision without those needing to be material to that decision," the judge said.

Commentators have argued that what McAfee is essentially saying here is that he does not need any more evidence because he has already made up his mind, based on the evidence already presented, that he is going to remove Willis.

It is possible, of course, that McAfee already made up his mind not to disqualify Willis. But, this scenario is far less likely. In this case, the judge would not be so quick to dismiss further evidence of alleged wrongdoing.

Willis' days are numbered

McAfee, on Friday, also revealed that he is planning on making the decision about whether or not to disqualify Willis in the near future.

Specifically, the judge gave a timeframe of two weeks for his decision.

Willis did make an appearance in the courtroom on Friday. She showed up when the state began its final arguments.

This was the first time that Willis stepped foot in the courtroom since she gave her testimony, which has already become infamous.

Assuming that Willis does get disqualified, the next big question is what impact, if any, her actions will have on her legal and political career. Time will tell.

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