Famous military academy in chaos as new hire pushes woke onslaught

February 22, 2023
World Net Daily

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America's oldest military academy has descended into chaos as a new managerial hire has begun imposing his social agenda on the rank and file.

"Reject the woke assault, close ranks!" calls out the headline in Daily Mail, which then explained that former students of Virginia Military Institute had launched online warfare against "its first black superintendent for pushing diversity, equity and inclusion policies."

The report detailed, "The controversy at the Virginia Military Institute has been simmering since October 2020, when then-Governor Ralph Northam ordered a probe into reports of widespread racism at the institution, and the school's board voted to remove a Confederate statue on campus."

The Washington Post said the opposition was to the so-called "diversity, equity, and inclusion" agenda being imposed by Supt. Cedric T. Wins, whose leadership has led to a 25% drop in freshman enrollment as he collected a $656,000 salary plus a $100,000 bonus.

A PAC run by 1985 VMI graduate Matt Daniel, a former Marine, has charged, "Reject the woke assault on VMI, close ranks. We stand for a strong VMI with a proud history and a bright future."

The school recently ordered the removal of a statue of Gen. Stonewall Jackson.

The Daily Mail reported VMI is one of six U.S. senior military colleges, designated to offer Reserve Officers' Training Corps programs. It was begun in 1839 and became a source of officers for the Confederacy during the Civil War.

Northam ordered an investigation after allegations of racism there, and the board then appointed Wins.

The PAC has opposed Wins' agenda to pursue the DEI "Marxist doctrine at the center of the malignancy of identity politics."

Wins has claimed the school is "moving forward, forward-focused, with the bedrock of Institute fundamentals defended and even brighter days ahead…"

The state investigation claimed that a racial disparity exists among cadets, and although VMI "has no explicitly racist or sexist policies that it enforces, the facts reflect an overall racist and sexist culture."

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