Family of pregnant reality star found dead believes she was murdered

The death of reality TV star Lyric McHenry has just taken a startling turn.

After her body was found on a Bronx sidewalk, family members are now stating they believe “foul play” was afoot in her death.


All signs pointed to a young woman that was very happy with her life.

After having been “discovered” with her stint on the E! reality show EJNYC, McHenry’s star seemed to be on the rise.

Post EJ, she was both a producer and star of a YouTube-based series with Refinery29.

So, when she showed up on a sidewalk in the Bronx, dead from an apparent overdose, it is no wonder her family started to ask some very serious questions.

Doesn’t Make Sense

First and foremost, McHenry was 20 weeks pregnant.

There were no apparent signs she was upset with the pregnancy, quite the opposite.

She seemed to be a young mother anxiously anticipating the arrival of her child, which makes her use of drugs highly unlikely.

Second, her body was found miles from where McHenry both worked and lived.

According to her family, she was both working and living on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, which is about 12 miles from the location where her body was found.

The fact she was found there in only a pajama top and underwear raised more than a few red flags from the family.

“Her knees were all scraped up, so either she was dumped there or she crawled trying to get out of that area and then she passed out,” family friend and attorney, Ardis Irvine, stated.

Another family friend said: “Why would you be on cocaine when you’re pregnant? It doesn’t add up. It seems like there’s some foul play involved.”

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Sentiments from other family members and friends continued to tell the story of a young lady very happy with her life and situation.

Police are continuing to investigate her death, but only time will tell if we ever find out what really happened.

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