Family of 9-year-old trashed as 'blackface' takes serious action

 February 11, 2024

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

The family of a 9-year-old boy accused by a publication of being in "blackface" has filed a defamation complaint against Carron J. Phllips and the publication Deadspin.

The boy, Holden Armenta, had his face painted half black and half red because he was a fan of the Kansas City Chiefs, at whose game he was.

He also was wearing a headdress, and reportedly is part Native American.

A report from Twitchy explained, "Did we mention that the boy is only nine years old? We are being facetious of course, but our point in emphasizing it so much is that it is the original sin of this entire controversy. Even if this child was acting racist as heck (and we think he wasn’t acting racist at all), he’s nine years old and he shouldn’t be put on blast this way. If Phillips felt the need to complain about the situation, he shouldn’t have used any image or video of the kid in the first place. A description would have sufficed."

The report said, "Frankly, this author debated whether to mention this kid's name at all or to show his picture, but Deadspin has unfortunately made him famous and this piece is unlikely to contribute to making him more so. Further, this article defends the kid, which is a different moral calculus. We think it is worthwhile that if someone Googled ‘Holden Armenta’ they might find this piece where we defend the kid."

The report said there was a "good chance" the family could win.

"First, the law firm is the same one that sued Fox News on behalf of Dominion. How did that go for Fox News? Second, we think the complaint is sufficient to survive a motion to dismiss and the facts alleged largely make Deadspin and Phillips look terrible.

"For instance, Phillips also claimed that wearing the Native American headdress was racist against Native Americans. But allegedly the kid is Native American, which means that even if you buy into the essentially racist theory of cultural appropriation, the kid is allowed to wear it. And once again, they are doing this to a nine-year-old kid. The jury is likely to be furious at Deadspin and Phillips over this."

The report said Deadspin allegedly "threatened" the family.

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