Sandy Hook families urge bankruptcy court to seize entirely of Alex Jones’ ‘media empire’

InfoWars host Alex Jones was recently ordered by a court to pay tens of millions of dollars in damages to the parents of victims of the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary mass shooting in Connecticut, which Jones had previously asserted was a “hoax.”

Some of those Sandy Hook families are now calling upon a federal bankruptcy court to seize control of the entirety of Jones’ embattled media empire over allegations that he has surreptitiously tried to shield his fortune from going toward those damages payments, the Washington Examiner reported.

A court filing alleged that Jones has funneled millions of dollars from his main company, Free Speech Systems, to himself and others and separate entities under his control in order to avoid paying the damages assessed by judges and juries in multiple defamation lawsuits.

Jones was accused of using bankruptcy to shield money

The Texas Tribune reported on July 30 that, while a defamation trial was ongoing, Jones filed for bankruptcy for Free Speech Systems under a specific subchapter devoted to small businesses that lack the same sort of rigorous oversight normal bankruptcy procedures have.

That filing reportedly showed that Free Speech Systems had roughly $79 million in liabilities, approximately $54 million of which was owed to a company called PQPR Holdings, which lists Jones as its director.

Critics of the move suggested the liability to PQPR was a diversionary ruse to protect Jones’ money from being made available to settle his impending defamation settlements.

It was further noted by the Tribune that Jones had previously made use of bankruptcy laws amid defamation lawsuits, as well as the fact that the particular bankruptcy subchapter he filed under for Free Speech Systems is reserved for small businesses with liabilities of less than $7.5 million, excluding liabilities owed to affiliates or insiders, such as Jones and his family or other company employees.

Sandy Hook families cry foul over a bankruptcy filing

According to The New York Times, one of the attorneys for the Sandy Hook families, Kyle Farrar, said, “Alex Jones is not financially bankrupt; he is morally bankrupt, which is becoming more and more clear as we discover his plots to hide money and evade responsibility,” and added, “He used lies to amass a fortune, and now he is using lies and fictions to shield his money.”

The families suing Jones assert that, since lawsuits were first filed in 2018, he has attempted to shield around $62 million via transfers from his media empire to other accounts associated with him and his family.

Jones is currently on the hook for at least $50 million in assorted damages following the conclusion of a recent trial, but will likely end up owing far more to the Sandy Hook families as he will face separate trials for defamation in the coming months.

How much is enough?

Say what one will about Jones and his various conspiracy theories, including about the Sandy Hook massacre — he recently acknowledged that the 2012 mass shooting of school children was real — and the fact that, defamation lawsuits aside, his so-called “media empire” has long since been banished and exiled from polite society and virtually all of the major social media platforms.

Whether Jones is actually attempting to shield his money via bankruptcy from the court-ordered settlements with the Sandy Hook families is unclear, but what is clear is that those families are relentless and will not stop until Jones and everything associated with him has been silenced and/or destroyed.

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