Famed Scholar: Censorship of Hunter Laptop ‘Warranted’ to Take Out Trump

Famous “new atheist” philosopher and writer Sam Harris said the quiet part out loud in an interview, contending the “left-wing conspiracy” to cover up the damning evidence against Joe Biden in his son’s laptop was “warranted” because it prevented Donald Trump’s reelection as president.

“Hunter Biden literally could have had the corpses of children in his basement, I would not have cared,” said Harris in an interview released Wednesday.

“There’s nothing, it’s Hunter Biden, it’s not Joe Biden,” he said, dismissing the evidence that the president profited from deals with the likes of the Chinese Communist Party energy firm at the center of Xi Jinping’s effort to spread Beijing’s power globally, and Russian and Ukrainian oligarchs.

“Whatever the scope of Joe Biden’s corruption is … it is infinitesimal compared to the corruption we know Trump is involved in. It’s like a firefly to the sun,” he said.

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Harris – one of the “Four Horsemen” of the new atheist movement along with Richard Dawkins, Daniel Dennett and the late Christopher Hitchens – is largely known now as a member of the “intellectual dark web,” a loose association of “small-l liberals” who oppose postmodernism, post-structuralism, Marxism and political correctness. Among them are Bret Weinstein, Jordan Peterson, Joe Rogan, Dave Rubin, Ben Shapiro and Michael Shermer.

Harris insisted the allegations of impropriety against Trump University are “worse than anything that could be in Hunter Biden’s laptop, in my view.”

“Now that doesn’t answer the people who say ‘it’s still completely unfair to not have looked at the laptop in a timely way and to have shut down the New York Post’s Twitter account,” he said.

Harris acknowledged the censorship by social media of the Post’s blockbuster stories and their dismissal by establishment news media was a “left-wing conspiracy to deny the presidency to Donald Trump.”

“Absolutely it was. But I think it was warranted,” he said.

News media relied on a statement by 51 former top national security officials who declared the laptop and the circumstances of its disclosure had the “hallmarks” of a Russian disinformation operation.

Nearly a year and a half later, however, the New York Time acknowledged that 22,000 emails from the laptop are authentic.

In April, the New York Post reported a grand jury witness in the investigation of Hunter and his business dealings was asked to identify the “big guy” who, according to an email on the laptop, was to receive a 10% cut of a deal with the Chinese Communist Party energy firm. Former Hunter Biden partner Tony Bobulinski says the “big guy” was Joe Biden. And the author of email, business partner James Gilliar, said the same.

In the interview Wednesday, Harris was confronted with the fact that he was asserting there is justification for using nefarious means to prevent a candidate from being democratically elected.

It “doesn’t matter,” he replied, if it prevents an “existential threat” to the nation.

“We have a massive problem. We have an existential threat. Politically speaking, I consider Trump an existential threat to our democracy,” Harris said.

He clarified that Trump is “not going to destroy the world” and no one should “stuff ballots or actually break the machinery of democracy.”

“But political opinion is already being completely inundated with misinformation, biased takes, half-truths and outright lies,” he argued.

Meanwhile, one of the lead investigators in the Senate of the Biden family influence-peddling operation, Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., said it’s clear Biden has been “lying through his teeth” about his role.

Johnson was asked by Fox Business Network host Larry Kudlow if there was “any doubt” in his mind that President Biden “knew and was involved in Hunter Biden’s business deals.”

“No. None, whatsoever,” Johnson replied. “Senator Grassley and I proved that conclusively in our report. Then, of course, Tony Bobulinski came forward, an eyewitness to the fact that Joe Biden was involved in those discussions.”

The laptop, the senator said, is a “treasure trove of information.”

“We have photographs of Joe Biden with Hunter Biden’s business associated, voice mails from Joe Biden,” he continued.

“No, it’s clear that Biden was lying through his teeth to the American public, but the complicit and corrupt media continued to cover up for him.”

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