Famed historian describes Biden's '10-step plan for global chaos'

April 16, 2023
World Net Daily

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A famed classicist and historian, Victor Davis Hanson, has outlined what he sees as Joe Biden's schemes while he is in the White House.

And they don't reflect Biden's benefit.

In fact, Hanson has written about Biden's "10-step plan for global chaos."

He's the Martin and Illie Anderson senior fellow at the Hoover Institution. He's been a fellow at the Center for Advanced Studies in the Behavioral Science at Stanford, California, a visiting professor of classics at Stanford, and the Wayne and Marcia Buske Distinguished Visiting Fellow in History at Hillsdale College. And he's held positions at the U.S. Naval Academy and Pepperdine.

His list of awards is pages long, and he's authored hundreds of articles, book reviews, and commentaries on Greek, agrarian, and military history.

Now he's turned his attention to Biden, by asking a long list of questions.

"Why is French President Emmanuel Macron cozying up to China while trashing his oldest ally, the United States? Why is there sudden talk of discarding the dollar as the global currency? Why are Japan and India shrugging that they cannot follow the United States’ lead in boycotting Russian oil? Why is the president of Brazil traveling to China to pursue what he calls a 'beautiful relationship'?" Hanson begins.

He further raises questions about Israel, Turkey, NATO, Taiwan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Russia, Ukraine, Mexico, and tactical nuclear weapons.

Why and how he asks, "in just two years, have confused and often incoherent President Joe Biden and his team created such global chaos?"

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