Anti-Trump publication falsely reports that Laura Ingraham’s radio show was canceled

Fox News star and radio personality Laura Ingraham is one of the hardest working women in show business. Every evening, the mother of three completes her hit Fox News television show around 11 p.m., only to wake up early every morning to prepare for a syndicated radio show that goes live at 8 a.m. and lasts for a grueling three hours.

Despite this torturous schedule, an article recently published by the outwardly anti-Trump Daily Kos incorrectly stated that Ingraham’s radio show was “cancelled due to an advertiser boycott [sic],” prompting the conservative host to correct the record.

Correcting the record

Without providing any evidence, Daily Kos writer Ursula Faw wrote that Ingraham “lost one of her platforms for hatemongering” and a “loss of advertising revenue.” She credits high school gun control activist David Hogg for bringing down Ingraham’s conservative empire after the liberal teenager called for sponsors to abandon Ingraham.

Hogg didn’t miss the opportunity to claim credit for Ingraham’s demise, either.

“Happy new year @IngrahamAngle,” he wrote on Monday in a tweet that included the Daily Kos headline.

Road to success

But it wasn’t the failure of Ingraham’s radio show that prompted Ingraham to move on to podcasting after 17 years on the air. Rather, it was the spontaneous success of the Ingraham Angle that compelled the host to hang up her radio microphone.

Preliminary year-end cable ratings show that Ingraham attracted an average of 2.6 million viewers. She finished just behind just behind Sean Hannity, MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow, and Tucker Carlson.

“While hosting a prime-time television show and raising three children on my own, continuing a three-hour morning radio show was no longer feasible,” Ingraham said in November. “Although I will greatly miss my radio listeners and affiliates, working late nights and early mornings has taken a toll on my family life.”

Ingraham was bittersweet and melancholic on Dec. 20, when radio show was broadcasted for the last time after 17 years of programming. Her show regularly attracted one of the largest audiences among political analysts from the highly competitive morning timeslot.

Superstar status

Instead of applauding Ingraham as a highly-motivated and successful woman who has overtaken an industry dominated by men, Daily Kos attempted to hijack the conservative host’s success. The far-left publication pointed to Ingraham’s stance on a litany of diverse issues as evidence of her bigotry.

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“But before you get too excited,” the Ingraham hit piece stated, “she’ll be replacing it with a podcast and she’s still a fixture on Fox News.”

Liberal activists can celebrate their unearned achievements all they want, but the fact remains that Ingraham has been a wild success in multiple platforms, and there just isn’t enough time in the day for the conservative powerhouse to expose the liberal ideology for what it is — a failed, self-destructive mindstate.

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