‘100% false’: MSNBC’s Maddow tweets misleading claim about Fox News’ impeachment coverage

Cable news personalities and hosts have long lodged accusations and critiques toward their particular network’s rivals, but one recent claim about Fox News is eliciting claims that MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow is playing fast and loose with the truth.

Maddow asserted in a tweet on Wednesday that Fox News skipped all coverage of the ongoing impeachment trial against former President Donald Trump.

“Occurs to me”

The allegation came as part of a thread of posts she wrote in response to a Politico reporter’s tweet about certain Senate Republicans being “shaken” and “teary-eyed” upon viewing a video clip of last month’s violent Capitol Hill riot.

Democratic House impeachment managers have produced clips of the Jan. 6 incident as supposed evidence that Trump incited the violence through his politically charged rhetoric in a rally speech earlier that day.

“Occurs to me now that those of us who’ve covered this story, and the public who’ve followed coverage of it, have seen some (but certainly not all) this footage before,” Maddow tweeted.

She went on to opine that some Republicans might have been seeing in for the first time because they have been consuming “conservative media” that largely overlooked the riot.

“Thinking of it particularly because Fox News Channel has not been taking the trial today,” Maddow said. “There will be a disconnect between GOP Senators seeing all this stuff, and their base voters whose news today was, like, culture war stuff about the NBA or the War on Christmas or whatever.”

“Bugged out early”

Her theory, however, ran into a fundamental problem rooted in the fact that Fox News did cover the “majority” of the day’s impeachment proceedings that day, as the outlet later asserted.

In fact, the coverage throughout much of the day on Wednesday came in addition to the network’s broadcast of opening arguments from both sides as delivered the previous day.

The MSNBC host was also criticized for her assessment by Newsbusters managing editor Curtis Houck.

“It’s 100% false to say that Fox News Channel hasn’t been carrying the trial *at all*,” he wrote.

For what it’s worth, Maddow eventually corrected herself, acknowledging a few hours later that “Fox did take some of the trial today but they bugged out early.” By Thursday afternoon, however, the initial tweet remained available on her profile and thousands of Twitter users had already interacted with the post.

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