Fantastical but false account claims former President Bush was arrested at Texas ranch

The internet is a fascinating and vast cornucopia of information, and not all of it is accurate.

The latest to fall into the “fake news” category is a report that asserts former President George W. Bush was arrested by Special Forces soldiers following a daring night-time raid of his famed Texas ranch, according to GV Wire.

The story was first reported by Real Raw News, described as a “conspiracy” website. Soon after, fact-checkers determined the report wasn’t accurate.

The fact that no other outlets reported on the development was among the major red flags raised by fact-checkers.

“A work of fiction”

The report, which first started to gain traction online earlier this month, was disputed by Snopes, among other sources.

The fact-checking site rated the story as “false,” based on its origins on Real Raw News and the lack of confirmation from any other source.

Snopes also made note of other false claims about Bush being arrested that have popped up before.

“The Real Raw News story about Bush getting arrested at his ranch in Texas is dramatic, cinematic, and fanciful. But there’s no truth to it, and it is purely a work of fiction,” Snopes determined.

Fake news

Indeed, an archived version of the Real Raw News article in question provides a fantastical and gripping account of a U.S. Special Operations raid that reads as though it was ripped straight from a blockbuster movie script.

Citing an unnamed “military source” said to be “familiar with the mission,” the false report detailed how a team of Special Operations soldiers were ordered to infiltrate the Bush ranch under cover of darkness last weekend to apprehend the former president in order for him to stand trial in a military tribunal for various war crimes related to the conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq, as well as the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

Snopes, for its part, pointed to an awfully similar account made the rounds on the internet in 2014, though, in that case, Bush was supposedly arrested for “cocaine possession.” Another false story claiming Bush had been arrested for war crimes during a visit to Canada circulated in 2004.

It looks like it’s all just further evidence of the fake news phenomenon that seems to be sweeping the country.

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