Fallen US Marine’s sister says ‘everything felt fake’ about Biden’s visit

The fallout from President Joe Biden’s Afghanistan disaster continues, especially given the fact that 13 U.S. service members died during the rush to evacuate American citizens and Afghan allies from the Taliban-controlled country.

According to Breitbart, a growing number of family members of the 13 fallen heroes are speaking out against Biden and his administration for their handling of the Afghanistan fiasco, including the sister of one fallen U.S. Marine, who revealed during a Newsmax interview that “everything felt fake” about Biden’s apology for the death of her brother. 

Cheyenne McCollum, the sister of U.S. Marine Rylee McCollum, held nothing back as she recalled to Newsmax’s Rob Finnerty her feelings as the president met with some of the family members during the dignified transfer ceremony last week.

“I had to walk away”

Cheyenne McCollum and Rylee McCollum’s widow were the only two family members who stayed behind to hear what President Biden had to say about the death of their beloved Marine.

Finnerty noted that that fallen Marine’s father and other sister refused to meet the president, and asked why Cheyenne chose to stay.

“I wouldn’t say I necessarily stayed to meet him. I stayed to support Rylee’s wife because I didn’t want her to sit alone and she wanted the chance to look him in the eye, so I sat beside her to do that as well,” Cheyenne said.

She added: “I stayed and when he came up to us, about 15 seconds in I had to walk away. It was so insincere. He didn’t look us in the eye, he gave her a pat on the knee and said, ‘I know what you’re going through, I lost my son.’ He didn’t lose his son serving.”

Cheyenne went on to say that Biden kept pivoting back to his deceased son, Beau Biden, who died of cancer. “I don’t even think he knows Rylee’s name to be honest. I think he should know every single name of every solider we lost, but he didn’t know or say anything personal.”

Good news emerges

While it goes without saying that no amount of money on Earth could ever replace what Jiennah McCollum, Rylee’s pregnant widow, lost in Kabul under Biden’s leadership, the Daily Mail reported that she received a generous gift from a 9/11 charity this week.

Tunnels to Towers, a 9/11 charity, announced this week that she will receive a mortgage-free home to help take some of the burdens off of raising her newborn alone.

“We’re building mortgage-free homes for Gold Star Families, and that includes any of the 13 that left behind a young family,” Frank Siller, Chairman of the charity Tunnels to Towers, told Breitbart.

Siller added: “We are going to build her a mortgage-free house. And rest assured, we are going to take care of any Gold Star Family that fits that criteria.”

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