Fake photos of demonic statues stir up controversy for Hobby Lobby

June 23, 2023
World Net Daily

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

A new controversy has been created for Hobby Lobby, the company that enraged Democrats and leftists when it went to the Supreme Court to defend its faith-based decision not to fund the abortion industry, and it's because of artificial intelligence.

That tech resulted in fake photographs of Satanic-themed items allegedly "for sale" in the stores.

report from Crosswalk explained the online images were generated by Jennifer Vinyard, a member of the Satanic Temple.

She reportedly used a program called Midjourney to take imagery of the demonic Baphomet and insert it into images of the stores.

She then posted them online, and triggered concerned consumers with her claim, "I think we need to talk about what is going on at Hobby Lobby…won’t somebody please think of the children!?"

Her challenge amassed thousands of views.

Patrons of the stores clearly were misled.

"Hobby Lobby is gonna get canceled if people believe these are real," one commenter said of the images.

Crosswalk explained, "As reported by ChurchLeaders.com, the images were initially posted to a private AI Facebook group before making their way across social media."

Vinyard expressed surprise at the impact of her faked posting.

"I've read so many comments that cracked me up, mostly from the people who thought they were real and were super angry. I even got some mean Messenger messages from them," one report explained.

She said she did it "since Hobby Lobby pretends to be a Christian store."

Relevant reported the fakes already have triggered consumers to pledge to boycott the company.

The report said Vinyard is an Austin-based pharmacy tech who took to Facebook, Reddit, and an art group to publicize her misleading work.

"Reactions to the prank ranged from immediate recognition of the AI-generated nature of the images to genuine fear and condemnation of Hobby Lobby’s alleged shift towards satanic merchandise. Some commenters questioned the company’s values, while others lamented the supposed compromise of their beloved craft store," the report said.

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