Russian troll farm pushed fake Hillary “sex tape”

Just when you thought today’s political climate could not get more disgusting…

A Russian Internet Research Company has been linked to a bogus sex tape posted online allegedly involving Hillary Clinton.

The Tap

A pornographic video has been making its way around the internet.

Before the video was taken down, it had already received about 100,000 upvotes on Reddit.

The account has been linked to Rubinjer, which is Russian-based.

In addition to Reddit, the bogus tape was posted on several other social media outlets, including several sites related to the porn industry.

The tape itself was used as a slur attack against Hillary, featuring a blonde woman that was allegedly Clinton and a black male.


Of course, speculation is already running rampant this was done by Trump allies, but that was not the case.

This, and other politically related posts, were put out by troll farm employees with the sole purpose of creating discord on both sides.

This is something Russia has been doing for decades and not just hear in the United States, but in numerous other democracies throughout the world.

How It Went Viral

With so many Trump fans making up the online community on Reddit, it was no surprise to see the tape go viral.

While it is unlikely most people that saw it even considered the woman in the video to be Hillary, it is was no doubt voted up simply because it was a hit piece against Hillary.


Since the investigations into Russia collusion has started, this particular company has had dozens of its accounts deleted by various platforms.

Some of those accounts were posting divisive messages on Tumblr, Facebook, and Twitter to get Americans riled up for both the left and the right during the election.

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As the divisive posts became more prominent, it became significantly easier to spot the bogus accounts.

Reddit CEO Steve Huffman stated, “There were a number of signals: suspicious creation patterns, usage patterns, voting collaboration, etc… We also corroborated our findings with public lists from other companies (e.g. Twitter).”

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