‘Fake Catholicism’: U.S. bishop destroys Biden for massive deception

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

Joe Biden’s agenda, since arriving in the White House, appears to revolve around promoting abortion at the expense of any and all other issues.

That, and transgenderism.

All the time, he’s been insisting he’s a faithful Catholic, even though he’s openly in defiance of the church’s teachings on abortion.

Now the Washington Examiner is reporting the Catholic bishop of Tyler, Texas, has described Biden’s position as “fake Catholicism.”

And he called on the Vatican to “weigh in” because Biden has claimed that Pope Francis does not oppose taxpayers paying for abortions.

The report revealed, “A member of the White House press corps told the president outside the White House that ‘Catholic bishops are demanding that federal tax dollars not fund abortions’ days after Bishop Michael Burbidge, the chairman of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops’ Committee on Pro-Life Activities, asked Congress to pass a bill prohibiting taxpayer funding for abortion.”

Biden then claimed, “No, they are not all doing that, nor is the pope.”

It is Bishop Joseph Strickland of the Catholic Diocese of Tyler, Texas, who says the Vatican needs to comment.

“Mr. Biden can’t be allowed to twist the words of Pope Francis in this way,” Strickland said, on social media. “I implore the Vatican press office to emphatically clarify that Pope Francis rightly calls abortion murder. It is time to denounce Biden’s fake Catholicism.”

Previously, Cardinal Wilton Gregory likened a coalition of abortion advocates who projected pro-abortion graphics onto the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception Washington to Judas, the report said.

Even the pope, who has expressed positions far more liberal than his predecessors on many issues, “has forcefully condemned abortion on numerous occasions,” the report said.

Live Action News recently reported Archbishop Charles Chaput of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia from 2011-2020 said Biden “is not in communion with the Catholic faith” because of his abortion advocacy, and further “any priest who now provides Communion to the president participates in his hypocrisy.”

Biden even has pursued the codification of a national right to abortion, following the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn the faulty Roe precedent from 1973.

Chaput said, “Mr. Biden’s apostasy on the abortion issue is only the most repugnant example. He’s not alone. But in a sane world, his unique public leadership would make — or should make — public consequences unavoidable. When you freely break communion with the Church of Jesus Christ and her teachings, you can’t pretend to be in communion when it’s convenient. That’s a form of lying. Mr. Biden is not in communion with the Catholic faith. And any priest who now provides Communion to the president participates in his hypocrisy.”

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