Brazilian faith healer promoted by Oprah faces hundreds of sex abuse allegations

Even the great Oprah Winfrey is not infallible.

João Teixeira de Faria, a Brazilian “faith healer” who rose to fame after being promoted on Oprah’s show in 2013, now faces hundreds of sexual abuse allegations.

Hundreds Coming Forward

As always happens with sexual abuse cases, once one is made, the floodgates open.

In some cases, this is just people looking to create a scandal. Then there are cases where the sheer number of accusations attest to their validity.

In the case of Faria, also known as “John of God,” it appears to be the latter.

After the first allegation was made against him, more than 250 women came forward within days.

Now, close to 500 women have reportedly come forward to say he sexually abused them.

Faria, 76, is a self-proclaimed psychic “healer” who performs “spiritual” healing rituals at his center in Abidiania, Brazil.

Hundreds of thousands visit his center every year, including Oprah, who toured it in 2012. In fact, the entire town came to depend on the tourism dollars generated by Faria’s clients.

Bad Judgment

As sad as this story is for the alleged victims, it is a teaching moment.

People like Oprah, Madonna, and Robert DeNiro believe you need to listen to them or face the consequences.

In their own minds, they are always right, period.

Well, people listened to Oprah and they fell for this man’s act.

If the allegations are true, this man was using his “talents” for no other reason than to abuse women.

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It is a very sad story, but one that everyone who listens to these celebrities needs to hear.

Oprah, DeNiro, and all the rest are not always right. Following them blindly could lead you into a world from which you may never recover.

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