Pence says ‘failed policies of liberal Democratic leadership’ have hurt black Americans

On Friday, Vice President Mike Pence traveled to Western Pennsylvania, where he spent time addressing two of the biggest pressing concerns in the nation these days: the coronavirus pandemic and subsequent economic fallout, and the civil unrest stemming from long-simmering frustrations over police brutality and systemic racism. And at one event in Pittsburgh, Pence wasn’t afraid to drop a bombshell allegation.

According to The Washington Times, Pence said Friday that “many African American families” have been deprived “of jobs and opportunities in education excellence” thanks to “failed policies of liberal Democratic leadership.”

“No excuse”

That accusation from Vice President Pence came during a speech he delivered at a manufacturing plant known as Oberg Industries.

While the bulk of his speech was centered on the efforts to fully reopen the economy in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, the VP also spent some time discussing the other major issue of the day: the murder of George Floyd by Minneapolis police officers and the nationwide unrest that followed that tragic incident.

“Let me say from my heart: What happened to George Floyd in Minneapolis was a tragedy,” Pence said, according to a transcript provided by the White House. “It shocked the conscience of the nation. And President Trump has made it clear: Justice will be served.”

The vice president went on: “There’s no excuse for what happened to George Floyd. And there’s also no excuse for rioting and looting and the violence that ensued here in Pittsburgh and around the country.”

“Failed policies”

In this light, Pence said the Trump administration is listening carefully to both black community leaders as well as law enforcement to find common ground and workable solutions. But he eventually drilled down to what he viewed as being at the root of those problems.

“I mean, the truth is that many African American families in our major cities, for more than a half a century, have labored under failed policies of liberal Democratic leadership, depriving them of jobs and opportunities and education excellence,” Pence said.

“That’s why, yesterday, President Trump made it clear that we’re going to work with law enforcement and community leaders to find ways that we can improve — give them more tools and more resources,” he continued, according to the transcript. “We’re going to work to expand jobs and opportunities and education excellence for African American families and all the families of our major cities.”

Pence said part of that effort will involve increasing “African American communities’ access to capital, build[ing] on the Opportunity Zones, and help[ing] them create more jobs.”

“But it’s not just about jobs; it’s also about making sure that young people coming up have access to the kind of education, including vocational training, that they need to enter jobs in great workplaces like this and to be part of a growing economy,” the vice president insisted.

Despite the best efforts of Democrats, it looks like the White House is ready to tackle this issue head-on. One can only hope those on the left will soon follow suit.

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