Failed Florida gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum joins board of Soros-linked ‘dark money’ group: Report

Andrew Gillum, whose 2018 run for Florida’s governorship ended in a loss, just made a very shady move.

According to Breitbart, Gillum (D) has announced he is joining the board of advisors for The Collective, a progressive “dark money” group with ties to George Soros.

Dark Money Claims

While running for governor, Gillum often railed against dark money groups just like The Collective.

As New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D) has been doing, Gillum stated at the time that these types of groups have far too much influence in our political elections.

However, in the announcement he made about joining the board at The Collective, Gillum slipped and provided his detractors with a little more evidence to go after him.

“You all invested in my campaign very early,” Gillum said. “I want to help The Collective finish this month off stronger than ever so they can invest early in the next round of progressive candidates.”

If Gillum was so against dark money, why did he take a nearly $2 million from the group during his campaign?

Ties to Soros

During the 2017-18 election cycle, Soros reportedly donated $70,000 to The Collective directly.

A $12,500 donation was also made to the group by Planned Parenthood, another group heavily supported by Soros.

Another major donor to The Collective was the Collective Future.

According to reports, that group donated more than $1.6 million to The Collective.

But where that money came from is still a mystery, as donor lists are kept confidential.

The Collective, to this point, has declined to comment on any of its financial donations as well as the massive influx it received from Collective Future.

Its ties to Soros go much deeper, though.

Quentin James, the co-founder of The Collective, used to work as the National Director for the student coalition of the Sierra Club, to which Soros also writes some significant checks.

James has spewed some racial rhetoric that would have had Trump impeached, and he has regularly complained about the roles of white men in the political system.

This is the trail of money that supported Gillum, a man who came dangerously close to winning the Florida governorship.

And, just like AOC, it appears that while he rails against dark money, he is very much willing to accept — and now, provide — it.

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