Facebook whistleblower represented by Psaki’s former employer: Report

A whistleblower formerly employed by Facebook has spent much of the past week exposing the supposed sinister workings of the social media giant.

New reports, however, indicate that Frances Haugen is working with the same public relations firm that once employed White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki, fueling speculation that the entire ordeal is a well-coordinated campaign aligned with a Democratic agenda that includes tech censorship.

Suspicious connections

According to The Daily Wire, ethics disclosures reveal that Psaki was employed as a senior adviser with Bryson Gillette until September 2020.

The firm is reportedly operated by former Obama administration insider Bill Burton along with other Democratic Party operatives.

A report by the Washington Free Beacon indicates that Bryson Gillette represented Haugen in her rollout as a Facebook whistleblower.

Her public campaign included an interview on 60 Minutes, a verified Twitter account, a new website, and even testimony before the Senate Commerce Committee.

Prior to her public emergence, Haugen had reportedly been feeding internal Facebook documents to a Wall Street Journal reporter over the course of nearly a year, serving as the backbone for an investigative series published by the newspaper.

“A well-orchestrated” campaign

Furthermore, her commentary about Facebook during her CBS interview and Senate testimony bore striking similarities to remarks Burton had previously made about Facebook in calling for stricter government regulations. Former National Republican Senatorial Committee Director Kevin McLaughlin offered his conclusion based on the circumstances.

“It does have the appearance of being an incredibly well-orchestrated communications campaign,” he said.

As for Psaki, she has addressed questions about Haugen at least twice during recent White House press briefings but has chosen not to disclose her connection to the firm representing the whistleblower.

During Monday’s briefing, Psaki said the 60 Minutes interview bolstered President Joe Biden’s view that “self-regulation is not working” for Facebook and other social media platforms and that “fundamental reforms” are needed. Two days later, Psaki referenced Haugen’s congressional testimony, reiterating Biden’s support for reforms while calling on the Federal Trade Commission to adopt new rules targeting and regulating social media companies.

While there is no clear evidence linking Psaki to Haugen’s anti-Facebook campaign, the odds seem slim that a whistleblower would emerge, represented by Psaki’s former employer, to offer up testimony that dovetails with the Biden administration’s agenda.

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