Facebook disables account for sounding alarm on threat to U.S.

 April 8, 2024

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

Facebook has taken the next step in its agenda to censor comments critical of Islamic terror, disabling the account of Frontpage Editor Jamie Glazov, his publication has confirmed.

Facebook has a long history of banning speech that opposes Islamic violence, and the new report explains the censorship was announced after Glazov posted a recent episode of his "Glazov Gang" program, which featured radio host Alex Newman.

The subject was the danger to America from "the Nazi terror group Hamas."

The focus was the threat to America from the Islamic terror group's butchering last Oct. 7 of some 1,200 innocent Israeli civilians, sometimes in horrific ways such as beheading babies and burning families alive.

The report explained on April 4, "Facebook disabled the account of Frontpage Editor Jamie Glazov."

The report explained, "Facebook notified Jamie that it had removed his post and disabled his account because the post violated its 'community standards' and posed a threat to 'the security of people on Facebook.' Jamie has appealed the disabling of his account but has received no response."

The magazine noted, "Why, exactly, is Facebook trying to cover up the barbarities Hamas inflicted on Israelis on Oct 7 – and the barbarities that it promises to inflict on innocents around the world in the future? And why is Facebook disabling the accounts of individuals who are telling the truth about it? Meanwhile, Facebook’s Oversight Board has decided that calling terrorists 'martyrs' is an acceptable form of free speech. This, of course, opens the door for Hamas supporters to celebrate the murder of Jews. Facebook did this in response to pressure from Sen. Elizabeth Warren and other Democrats."

The result, the report explained, is that celebrating "Hamas murderers, rapists, and kidnappers as 'martyrs'" is fine on Facebook but Glazov "isn’t allowed to tell the truth about what Islamic terror means not only for Israel but for America."

The magazine asked people to share the news, and object to Facebook through the massive corporation's Help Center at:


WND has reported that Facebook for years has intervened in the free speech of "counter-terrorist activists" who were being restricted by Silicon Valley.

At the time Sam Westrop, the director of the Middle East Forum's Islamist Watchwrote for National Review that many critics of "Islamist political ideology" have found themselves subject to bans and restrictions on social media "for articulating reasonable ideas and criticisms that deserve debate rather than restriction."

At the time YouTube recently banned a video he uploaded four years ago that had received about a million views, he pointed out. It featured Muslims and non-Muslims "on both sides of a balanced and well-moderated argument and broadcast on British state-funded national television."

At the time, Google also censored videos from Prager U by moderate Muslim or ex-Muslim voices such as Kasim Hafeez, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, and Khurram Dara. In 2017, Ex-Muslims of North America, which offers "a home to apostates" facing persecution, was targeted by "a coordinated reporting and flagging campaign," even though "nothing it posts on social media is remotely hateful," Westrop said.

It was in 2015, that Facebook removed a post of an image of outraged Muslims captioned, "Jokes don't kill people, Muslims who are offended by jokes kill people."

A woman in Germany was banned from Facebook for 30 days for posting a set of two pictures: One showed the Iranian women's national volleyball team from the 1970s, wearing T-shirts and shorts. The other was of the current Iranian team, wearing hijabs and clothes that cover arms and legs.

Benjamin Weingarten at the Gatestone Institute also revealed in 2015 Facebook censored images of Muhammad in Turkey, and later suspended the account of Swedish writer Ingrid Carlqvist for posting a video, produced by Gatestone Institute, on "Sweden's Migrant Rape Epidemic."

Facebook also trotted out the "community standards" claim when in 2017 it blocked and then shut down the pages of two popular moderate Muslim groups managed and followed by Arabs who reject not only violence and terrorism but Islam as a religion.

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