Facebook deletes Trump fan page with more than 3 million fans

The censorship of conservatives — specifically Donald Trump supporters — has been taken to a new low (or high, depending on your political point of view).

Facebook has deleted a Donald Trump support fan page called “Donald Trump is Our President” for alleged policy violations, according to reports.


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So Facebook Unpublished, What I Believe To Be, The Largest Donald J. Trump Fan Page Yesterday. Our Page, ‘Donald Trump Us Our President” With 3,276,000 Fans, Which We Paid FB Around $100,000 To Build, Using ‘Page Like Ads’ Was Removed Yesterday. Please Help Me Spread The Word So We Can Help Facebook Know And Fix, What I Am Sure Is A Honest Mistake. I Have Made My Identity Perfectly Clear, I Am, In No Way Associated With President Donald J. Trump, Nor Have I Ever Claimed To Be. This Was/Is A Fan Page, We Make That Abundantly Clear In Many Places On The Page. On Top Of That Facebook Approved The Name Change Back In 2016 …. So Why Now, All Of A Sudden Has My Life’s Work Been ‘Unpublished.’ I’m Sure This Is A Mistake, But Please Help Me Alert FB So We Can Get This Cleared Up, Thank You! – Mark Sidney

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Pretending to be a Business

The owner of the page, Mark Sydney, believes his page is the largest independently funded Trump fan page on Facebook.

Prior to being unpublished, the fan count on the page was 3,276,000 fans. Sydney advertised on Facebook to attract many of those fans, and he claimed in an Instagram post that he has paid about $100,000 to Facebook in order to build his base.

The page has never pretended to be Donald Trump and has only supported his candidacy and presidency. According to Sydney, the title change on the page was approved in 2016.

Now, though, Facebook has unpublished the page because the “page doesn’t follow the Facebook Page Policies regarding impersonation and pretending to be an individual or business.”

Honest Mistake or Censorship?

Sydney is adamant that he has never pretended to be Donald Trump on the page and has made his identity very clear throughout the information sections of the fan page.

Of course, this could be a mistake, but several other conservative pages have also reportedly been purged by Facebook this week.

Also, considering the recent wave of censorship against conservatives, it would seem that one of the liberals at Facebook HQ just decided to play God after accepting six figures worth of advertising dollars from Sydney.

What Facebook is doing is the equivalent of a legal robbery. Consider that Facebook allows a page such as Sydney’s to be established, then it accepts payment for ads approved by Facebook staff, then Facebook deletes the page for supposedly violating its policies.

Why were those violations never raised at any point during the ad campaign?

For now, Sydney is at the mercy of Facebook, and he has surely filed an appeal. As of Sunday morning, though, his page remained unpublished.

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