Experts believe Taiwan could be in China’s sights amid Russian invasion of Ukraine

As Russian President Vladimir Putin presses on in his illegal and deadly invasion of neighboring Ukraine, under President Joe Biden’s watch, there are a number of analysts who’ve suggested that America’s other adversary, China, could soon make a dangerous move.

In a recent opinion piece for the Daily Caller, James S. Robbins, senior fellow for national security affairs at the American Foreign Policy Council, believes that communist China could use the current unrest to make a long-awaited move to recapture Taiwan. 

Robbins pointed to the Taiwan media to bolster his argument, with recent headlines across Taiwan’s media landscape that read “Ukraine today, Taiwan tomorrow?”

The sentiment is that because of Biden’s weak and ineffective response to Russia’s movements in Ukraine, China might feel especially emboldened to take Taiwan, which China claims is still part of the country and not its own nation.

Posturing begins

Not long after Putin announced his “special military operation” into Ukraine, which was code for “all-out war,” China sent a squadron of fighter jets into Taiwanese airspace as they’d done several times in the past, which many believe to be a show of force.

Robbins believes the U.S., even under its “strategic ambiguity” as far as how it treats Taiwan on the world stage so as to not tick off communist China, is already prepping for such possibilities of China taking the nation back.

“Last week the guided-missile destroyer USS Ralph Johnson cruised through the Taiwan Strait to assert navigation rights and send Beijing a message of continued US support,” Robbins wrote, referencing America’s commitment to protecting Taiwan, though it’s not exactly an official position.

He added: “White House Indo-Pacific policy coordinator Kurt Campbell said, ‘there is a deep recognition and intention here inside the government, in the White House, to sustain every element of our engagement in the Indo-Pacific.'”

Robbins noted that the “every element of our engagement” line from Campbell’s quote raises questions as to just how far the United States would go in protecting Taiwan from a Chinese takeover attempt

U.S. unlikely to intervene

The writer noted that even if China moved on Taiwan right now, it’s unlikely the United States would come to its full defense, citing similar circumstances in Ukraine where if the U.S. put boots on the ground or established a no-fly zone over Ukrainian airspace, it would likely trigger a war with Russia.

Robbins also noted that a Taiwan invasion would likely be exponentially more difficult to deal with than Russia, as the U.S. and European countries have leveled piles of harsh sanctions on Putin and his country. Doing the same to China, given our dependency on the communist nation, would be economically devastating to the entire world as we know it.

Only time will tell if China decides to use this moment of weakness in U.S. leadership to make its ultimate move, and one shouldn’t really be all that surprised if they went through with it.

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