Expert warns report of China's agenda to kill Americans gaining credence

 May 31, 2024

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

Some years ago, reports surfaced that Gen. Chi Haotian, then vice chairman of the Chinese Communist Party's Central Military Commission, gave a secret speech calling for the extermination of Americans.

He purportedly talked about using diseases "to clear out the vast spaces of North America so that the Chinese people could settle in the areas left uninhabited."

His remarks allegedly included, "It is indeed brutal to kill one or two hundred million Americans. But that is the only path that will secure a Chinese century, a century in which the Communist Party leads the world."

A report from recognized China expert Gordon Chang, a Gatestone Institute distinguished senior fellow, at that organization's website, pointed out that Richard Fisher of the International Assessment and Strategy Center confirmed at the time that call for death could not be verified.

"Since that time, developments have given the report credibility. Among other things, SARS-CoV-2, the pathogen causing COVID-19, was almost certainly engineered in the Wuhan Institute, and Xi Jinping then deliberately spread this disease outside China once it had escaped from that lab," Chang confirmed.

Now the next threat could be Ebola, which can have a 90% mortality, he reported.

That follows the situation in Reedley, California, where what appeared to be a clandestine Chinese bioweapons lab was found by a code enforcement officer who noticed a garden hose connected to an "abandoned" building.

Chang documented, "The facility was run by Jiabei Zhu, a Chinese citizen who was a fugitive from Canadian justice. He was also a top official at one of China's state-controlled companies that had links to the Chinese military."

Inside the "lab" were Chinese nationals working in white coats, a thousand mice "engineered to catch and carry" COVID, and piles of pathogens that were unlabeled as well as a freezer labeled "Ebola."

Chang noted, "The Communist Party of China appears to have great interest in Ebola. The Canadian Security Intelligence Service, in a declassified report, revealed that Dr. Qiu Xiangguo, while working at Canada's only P-4 laboratory in Winnipeg, without authorization sent to China the Ebola genetic sequence."

She also sent Ebola to Wuhan, and well as samples of the deadly Nipah virus.

She was dismissed from her Winnipeg job in 2021 and moved to China, where she and her husband apparently are working under pseudonyms. And apparently on Ebola.

The warning from Dr. Sean Lin of the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research is that China can make it "highly contagious."

Chang's warning? "Ebola and Nipah, with some in-lab modifications, can therefore be China's tools to exterminate the American people."

The report noted what was found in the Reedley suggest "China's regime is preparing to spread disease in America."

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