Expert says US government has ’emboldened’ China during Russia-Ukraine conflict

While the United States has shifted its undivided attention on Russia’s war in Ukraine, a growing number of observers believe that it would be foolish to forget about America’s real adversary — China.

Dr. Kevin Roberts published a recent op-ed for Fox News in which he voiced support for aiding Ukraine but noted that communist China, which is far more powerful than Russia, is watching the situation very closely, adding that the U.S. government’s reaction to the Ukraine situation has “emboldened” China to launch a new kind of war. 

“China today is a more dangerous adversary than the Soviet Union at its height. The Chinese Communist Party enjoys strategic advantages Moscow never did, with greater capacity to project power around the world,” Dr. Roberts wrote.

He added: “China is in this fight. The United States still isn’t. And President Biden’s waffling weakness on Ukraine is only further emboldening them. Consider how China has undercut the economic sanctions against the Russian economy through new oil and gas deals.”

Chinese dependence

Dr. Roberts outlined a number of ways that America can begin to not be quite as dependent on China as it is currently, including building what he calls a “China-resistant economy,” where America would stockpile critical electronics and the rare-earth minerals used to produce them.

He went on to write that the ultimate goal is to cut China out of the U.S supply chain, as America relies far too heavily on the communist nation for virtually everything we use, from electronics to pharmaceuticals.

Dr. Roberts also talked bout the 800lb gorilla in the room — Taiwan. It would be foolish to think that China isn’t licking its chops in anticipation of a possible Taiwan invasion, especially under America’s current weak leadership.

“As we strategically withdraw from China, we should strategically embrace Taiwan – diplomatically, economically, and militarily, including selling them as many weapons as they want to buy,” he wrote.

“This approach is neither an escalation nor a provocation. It’s a realization of both about how we see China and how China sees the world. America has no interest in starting another Cold War, but we have every interest in winning the one Beijing launched against us years ago.”

The optics

Dr. Roberts noted that China will ultimately make its move based on how the United States presents itself during the Russia-Ukraine war, writing that it will all hinge on “whether they look at the United States as a formidable adversary or a declining and irresolute superpower.”

His opinion on the situation comes on the heels of President Joe Biden conducting a call with Chinese President Xi Jinping, during which he threatened “stiff consequences” if China decides to assist Russia in its invasion into neighboring Ukraine.

If it was former President Donald Trump issuing such threats, China might take a step back, but under Biden’s weak and ineffective leadership, there’s not telling what China is currently planning behind the scenes.


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