Expert: Biden green agenda based on 'magical thinking'

 April 11, 2024

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

Joe Biden has launched an agenda that includes electric cars – for all. He wants oil exploration and natural gas production stifled. Unstable power sources like windmills are his thing.

And while it's all politically correct, it's not realistic.

After all, it's estimated to cost hundreds of billions of dollars to begin upgrades that would be required on America's grid. Biden's own allocation of billions for new charging stations already has installed just seven of the units.

Now, there's an explanation for where Biden's ideology originates: magic.

Sean Hannity was interviewing Marc Moraco, the chief of the Climate Depot website.

Hannity asked, "Marc, you have spent the better part of your adult life debunking the climate alarmist religious cult. Now it's fully in gear and it's spending all of this money. What do people really need to know about what they are peddling and how it's based on phony science, not real science? You know, look at the study that came out a couple of weeks ago; electric cars may pollute the planet more than gas-powered cars, but all of this never gets told to the American people in the media mob."

Morano explained, "The UCLA historian Saul Friedländer described the central planners of the 20th century as using the bureaucracy to enforce 'magical beliefs.' The 'magical beliefs' here are that we can spend trillions of dollars and magically transform our vehicles from gas power to EVs. 'Magically' transform our electrical grid to solar and wind and claim we're doing something to save the climate. Even if we faced a 'climate catastrophe,' the last thing you'd want to do is the Biden administration approach -- a central-planned top-down government plan of picking winners and losers."

He continued, "You would need to unleash innovation if that's what we actually faced. You'd want a wealthier country; you would want a technological explosion. You would want capitalism unleashed because the cleanest environments are the freest environments."

He said Biden's approach is the opposite.

"It's 'magical thinking' from beginning to end in terms of the green agenda. This is just going to hammer the American people. They're spending so much money that there are parts of California where they don't have enough bureaucrats to spend the climate cash flowing in from the Inflation Reduction Act and from the Biden administration. They have to hire bureaucrats even to figure out how to spend it all."

Meanwhile, the ultra-wealthy John Kerry, who served as Joe Biden's climate czar and traveled the world, often in private jets, to espouse elimination of fossil fuels, is blaming resistance across America to Biden's agenda, which includes higher prices for food, fuel, vehicles and more, on one thing.


Kerry's worth has been estimated in recent years as about $250 million. His wife, who inherited from her late husband, Sen. Henry Heinz, of the Heinz food conglomerate, is thought to be worth some $750 million.

Kerry said, "You ask, what is it that's that's in the way, the imperative of status quo, the way money works, the numbers of people who are pressured, some of the oil and gas companies because they weren't doing as well as the ones that weren't doing stuff on the climate. Look at the pressure. You know, a bunch of asset owners and managers in New York, and elsewhere in the world have been under pressure to make more money.

"So, put it down to greed, G-R-E-E-D, greed."

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