Fauci, NIH under fire over reports of experiments involving torturing dogs, monkeys

White House medical adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci has come under fierce criticism over his advice throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

Now, he is facing mounting criticism over his apparent connection to taxpayer-funded experiments involving the torture of monkeys and dogs.

“Wasteful and bizarre psychological experiments”

According to Breitbart, the shocking revelations first surfaced last year but have gained new attention in light of similar concerns about National Institute of Health grants used to fund controversial animal experimentation.

The nonprofit group White Coat Waste Project initially reported in February 2020 that the NIH participated in “wasteful and bizarre psychological experiments on primates that have cost taxpayers nearly $100 million just since 2007.”

As the result of a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit, the group learned of one particularly alarming experiment conducted at a lab in Bethesda, Maryland, that involved cage monkeys whose brains were intentionally damaged with acid or partially removed before they were tormented with fake spiders and snakes to gauge their reactions to fear.

That report resurfaced following a bipartisan letter from lawmakers demanding answers from Fauci and the NIH regarding experiments believed to include the torture of beagle puppies.

One such experiment in Tunisia was reportedly funded in part by the NIH and involved locking the animals’ heads in small mesh cages as they were eaten alive by sandflies, ostensibly to measure the effectiveness of drugs meant to combat parasitic infections.

“Vastly superior, modern, technological breakthrough science”

Another incident was chronicled in a report earlier this year that described a University of Georgia experiment that involved purposely infecting beagles with parasites as part of a drug test. After months of painful torture, the dogs were reportedly euthanized.

In both instances, the dogs are believed to have had their vocal cords cut or removed in order to prevent barking and whining from the pain to which they were subjected.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals is among the advocacy groups expressing outrage.

“It’s high time to fire NIH director Francis Collins for mismanagement of NIH, waste of taxpayer funds and the continuation of animal experiments that are replaceable by vastly superior, modern, technological breakthrough science,” declared PETA Vice President Kathy Guillermo.

She went on to reference Fauci in a statement concluding that his “boss is stuck in the failed science of yesteryear” and “is spending billions of dollars on studies that include infecting and cutting up dogs, frightening monkeys, and addicting mice to cocaine” without any discernable benefit to humanity.

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