Ex-Yale prof who claimed Trump is 'dangerous' loses in court – AGAIN!

June 23, 2023
World Net Daily

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

An ex-Yale professor, dismissed for brazenly violating ethics rules, has lost in court – a second time – in her attempt to be reinstated.

Bandy Lee has turned her career into a bash-Trump campaign, calling him "delusional," diagnosing him without interviewing him, and warning that he's "dangerous."

She was involuntarily removed from a position at Yale after she expanded her attacks to attack famed legal scholar Alan Dershowitz, who was on Trump's legal team during the Democrats' first failed impeach-and-remove scheme and in fact, even though he is liberal, has defended some of Trump's actions.

Dershowitz filed a complaint after she called him "psychotic."

She earlier lost at the trial court level in her demand that she be reinstated by Yale.

Now the College Fix is reporting she's also lost at the appellate level.

The report said it is the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals that affirmed the trial court's decision that Yale acted lawfully when it decided not to renew an agreement with Lee.

She had held an unpaid role at the school, and she complained that she lost other financial opportunities because she no longer could have "Yale" attached to her name.

The ruling said she has not "adequately alleged a promise that Yale would not decline to renew her appointment on account of her public statements."

Her claims, the judges said, were found to be "without merit."

The College Fix explained the school removed her from her position "after she made diagnoses of President Donald Trump, his supporters, and Harvard Law School’s Alan Dershowitz."

And she charged Trump supporters have a "shared psychosis."

She had compared Trump to Hitler, "saying he was worse than the German dictator," before backtracking. She has stated that Trump should be put on a 72-hour psychiatric hold, the report said.

Yale followed with her removal.

Then she sued.

Now she's mostly been commenting on Trump online.

In fact, recently she claimed, "We as a society suffer for failing truly to understand how violent and dangerous individuals can become. This is what happened when the nation handed power to Donald Trump, and it is also what happens when Family Courts hand children over to their abusers. My warning now is not to think for a moment that Donald Trump and his cohorts are finally contained. Like most other criminals who have not been contained, they are now threatening to burn the house down."

commentary at The Gateway Pundit cited her long-distance diagnoses of others, and said, "It turns out that diagnosing people from afar is a big no-no in psychiatry. Yale put up with her for a while, but when she then decided to go after Alan Dershowitz, who threatened serious legal action, Yale kicked her to the curb."

It continued, "Ms. Lee is living proof that Trump Derangement Syndrome is real."

WND reported when she started attacking Trump and Dershowitz that Dershowitz had written to Yale, asking her to be disciplined.

"Dr. Bandy Lee of the Yale Medical School has publicly 'diagnosed' me as 'psychotic,' based on my legal and political views, and without ever examining or even meeting me," he wrote. "This constitutes a serious violation of the ethics rules of the American Psychiatric Association. I am formally asking that the association discipline Dr. Lee. By this email, I also formally ask Yale University, Yale Law School, and its medical school to determine whether Dr. Lee violated any of its rules."

Lee's social media criticism of Trump's legal team was just a part of her campaign against Trump throughout his term.

She also released a book, "The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump."

Lee had claimed her comments were nothing more than her "duty to warn" the public about what she claimed was the "contagion" of Trump's perspectives and political views.

Doubts about her judgment, fitness, and professionalism all were cited by the school when it rejected her – following her repeated statements about the problems she had diagnosed, by long distance, in Trump.

John Krystal, chairman of the Psychiatry Department, told her in a letter: "I want to emphasize that you did not make these statements as a layperson offering a political judgment; you made them explicitly in your professional capacity as a psychiatrist and on the basis of your psychiatric knowledge and judgment. For that reason, the committee decided it was appropriate to consider how these statements reflected your ability to teach trainees."

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