Ex-network anchor claims he never hinted at Trump assassination

 March 19, 2024

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

Former network anchor Keith Olbermann just days ago responded to a Biden campaign comment that "Trump says he has been treated worse than Abraham Lincoln, who was assassinated," with "There's always the hope."

Now he references the IQ of a halibut and says everyone should have known that he wanted Trump to be "convicted" and eventually die in prison.

Olbermann's original social media posting responding to Biden's "assassination" reference now has been concealed by social media, too.

All of which has prompted a commentary at RedState to note that Olbermann "keeps providing for the right-wing commentariat."

He soon "backtracked," the report said, "claiming he meant that he hopes Trump dies in prison because I guess Olbermann thinks that's a more sane and normal response to one's political opposition."

The editorial explained, "I'm not sure exactly what he thought Trump should be convicted of nine years ago in 2015 given there were no indictments of the now-former president at the time nor any evidence of wrongdoing. That's too deep of a thought to waste on Olbermann's rantings, though. I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt, i.e. that did want Trump to be 'convicted' and to 'die in prison' back in 2015."

But the comments are "crazy."

"Americans live in a country full of people who truly believe their political opponents should be killed for disagreeing with them. Worse, they've convinced themselves that such a position is righteous. After all, when you aren't just instituting policy but are 'protecting democracy' from 'fascists,' pretty much anything is on the table. In their minds, there won't be a country left if they don't do whatever it takes to retain power," the commentary said.

It explained Olbermann and "the millions of other deranged leftists" would readily throw anyone in disagreement in "gulags."

"They have no boundaries because, in their minds, they are saving the country."

The writer warned, "That's a dangerous place to be, and it's one every politically active American needs to be wary of. If Trump wins in November, the country will not turn into a fascist state. If Biden wins, the country will not cease to exist. No matter the outcome, we will all still be here talking about it. Politics is important, but it's not that important, and the moment a person loses touch with that reality, really bad things can happen."

The author then defined Olbermann's problem, and the problem for others similarly situated.

"They don't believe in God. They don't have families to go home to. That leaves them deriving their purpose from an ever-escalating delusion of 'defending democracy.' What does Olbermann have other than shouting like a lunatic on social media about killing his political opponents?"

Olbermann is a "warning," it explained.

"There's a difference between caring about politics and making it the very foundation of one's worth and being. A person who does the latter is teetering on the edge, and it's a long way down."

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