Ex-CIA insider Jim Rickards sounds the alarm about little known Biden executive order, warns of death of the dollar

Ex-CIA insider and financial advisor to the Pentagon Jim Rickards blew the whistle on an executive order signed by President Biden that will likely lead to the death of the U.S. Dollar and American freedom.

According to Rickards, “The U.S. dollar as we know it is doomed. President Biden signed the death warrant himself on March 9th with Executive Order 14067.” EO 14067, or Ensuring Responsible Development of Digital Assets order, will lead to a massive breach in data privacy and usher in a new age of financial spying on American citizens. 

Rickards continued by saying, “Look, between inflation, supply chain issues and unstable markets, American savings accounts are getting crushed right now. And Biden is getting pressure from all sides to do something about it. I believe it’s only a matter of time before he pulls the trigger on this ‘spyware’ dollar. Americans need to prepare now, before it’s too late.”

No one to hold Biden accountable

Thanks to Republicans failing to take the Senate in the midterm elections, there is no one to hold President Biden accountable.

President Joe Biden has two years left in office, and barring a miracle, his Democrat allies in the Senate will continue to aid and abet his anti-American schemes.

The Biden administration has been very active in delving into American’s financial business over the past two years.

The Biden administration has hired thousands of IRS agents to track American’s financial activities in the name of combatting tax fraud by the wealthy. Of course, that was just a thinly veiled excuse to wring every penny out of normal Americans.

Joe Biden’s cronies are so intent on getting every dollar they can out of Americans that they even attempted to monitor every account with over 600 dollars in transactions.

Joe Biden and his administration have repeatedly demonstrated that they do not care about our freedoms which further reinforces Rickards’ warning about breaches of privacy.

Death of the dollar

While President Biden is working to destroy the dollar from within, our enemies are working to destroy the dollar from abroad.

China and Russia have been working together to undermine the power of the dollar, and the war in Ukraine has accelerated their plans. Our enemies aim to replace the dollar as the world’s reserve currency, and that scenario is dangerously possible.

President Biden’s weakness in holding our enemies in check has created an uncertain future for the American people. However, one thing we can be certain of is that our freedoms are in danger.


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