Ex-CIA insider and financial advisor Jim Rickards warns Joe Biden has signed death warrant of the dollar

February 8, 2023
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Ex-CIA insider and financial advisor Jim Rickards warned that President Joe Biden "signed the death warrant" of the U.S. dollar as well as the death of American privacy.

Rickards, who is a leading voice in global finance and author of the bestselling book "Currency Wars," is trying to draw attention to Executive Order 14067. That order signed by President Biden on March 9th of 2022 threatens to bring about legal government surveillance of every American.

Rickards didn't mince words saying "This is a pretty sinister move by the president, to tell you the truth. And I bet 99 percent of Americans have no idea about it. What’s worse, it could spell disaster for the wealth of millions of Americans – at a time when inflation is already destroying their purchasing power."

President Biden has been a disaster for American wealth and it should terrify all of us to know that one of the leading figures in finance thinks that things are going to get even worse.

Trackable dollar

Rickards believes that EO 14067 is paving the road to a trackable version of the dollar that will allow the government to fully surveil every American.

Rickards said, "This is happening right now. Executive Order 14067 already gives President Biden unprecedented power over the future of the U.S. dollar. And sadly most Americans will be completely caught off guard by it.”

He went on to warn Americans, "Look, between inflation, supply chain issues and unstable markets, American savings accounts are getting crushed right now. And Biden is getting pressure from all sides to do something about it. I believe it’s only a matter of time before he pulls the trigger on this ‘spyware’ dollar. Americans need to prepare now, before it’s too late."

Democrats have made it clear that they are willing to crush Americans' freedoms if it means being able to squeeze more tax dollars out of us.

What is worse is very little is being said about what the Biden administration is doing.

It seems the White House wants EO 14067 to remain off the radar and out of the news cycle.

Biden is out of control

President Biden is becoming increasingly unpopular and is desperate for something to bolster his presidency. Introducing a trackable digital currency with the goal of shelving physical currency would go a long way toward cementing his legacy.

For Joe Biden and the Democrats, more control and surveillance is a feature not a bug of their schemes.

It wasn't long ago that Democrats attempted to force financial institutions to report the account balances of any account over $600 to the Internal Revenue Service. While that plan failed that was due to exposure and outrage from Americans.

EO 14067 hasn't garnered nearly half the attention that the insidious IRS account balance scheme did and that is cause for alarm. House Republicans who are investigating the Biden administration would do well to look into this issue and ensure our financial privacy is protected.

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