Ex-CIA agent arrested for massive leak

Corrupt officials are finally being held accountable for their roles in leaking classified information.

According to an Axios report, Joshua Schulte — the CIA computer engineer who is suspected to have been responsible for the “Vault 7” leak — has been charged with stealing classified information.

The Leak

In March 2017, Wikileaks published what many consider to be one of the most damaging files in the history of the CIA.

At that time, Vault 7 revealed deep secrets about cyber-spying both for and against the United States.

Included in the leaked documents were CIA malware and hacking tools for iPhones, Android devices, and smart TVs.

In addition, the report also revealed malware the CIA had to infect complete operating systems.

Pundits at the time stated that the setback to the agency was far worse than that of the damage caused by Eric Snowden.

The Trail

For months, the agency was dumbfounded as to who leaked out the information.

Finally, after more than a year of investigations, the agency was able to pinpoint Schulte as the source of the hacking.

At the time the story broke, Schulte was being held in a Manhattan jail on unrelated charges.

He had pleaded not guilty to charges of possessing, receiving, and transporting child pornography.

During that investigation, Schulte was found to have used TOR, a program that allows you to hide your location while transmitting files.

But Schulte professed that while he did use TOR, he never used it to transfer any classified documents, nor did he have anything do with the leak to WikiLeaks.

In all, Schulte has now been charged with 13 counts, including the child pornography charges.

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As it stands now, he could receive as many as 135 years in prison.

With the Trump administration coming down hard on government leaks, and the nature of the other charges, it would be surprising if Schulte does not spend the rest of his life in prison.

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