‘Evil Behavior’: Hallmark’s ‘Family’ Time-Travel Show Goes Super Woke

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

A new family drama about time travel on the Hallmark Channel is continuing the company’s thrust of the LGBT agenda on viewers as its latest episode has just introduced two women as a teen boy’s “parents.”

“The Way Home” series stars Andie MacDowell, best known for her role in “Groundhog Day,” whose daughter and granddaughter from Minneapolis have the ability to travel back to 1999 by jumping into a mysterious pond on the family property in Canada.

On Sunday night in the episode titled “What’s My Age Again?,” the boyfriend of the show’s main character Alice, played by Sadie Laflamme-Snow, introduced her to his “parents,” a couple of middle-aged women who own the local movie theater in 1999.

“The Way Home” waited until the fourth episode since its January debut to introduce the same-sex parental couple.

“A real shame. I caught that ‘scene’ last night. Was a good series, but will now pass,” one WND reader said.

It’s Hallmark’s latest display of the LGBT lifestyle, and viewers have been taking notice even before the premiere of “The Way Home.”

Some recent comments on the channel’s reviews and complaint page include:

“We are deeply offended by your insistence on including a gay or lesbian couple in most of your current movies. The actual percentage of those couples is very low in our country, so why are you pushing it so strongly? We will be switching to the Great American Family network as soon as possible; and wish we would have done so much sooner. Goodbye.”

“Unbelievable how you no longer cater to your core Christian demographic. Done with your wokeness absurdity. Your channel is no longer family-friendly when both parents and children can enjoy the same content. Go woke go broke. Moving onto GAF (Great American Family) and thank God for this alternative. Hallmark chose ruin and I predict it will only be a matter of time now. Stop ruining our free country with your Marxist ideology.”

“It’s touting a lifestyle that is abnormal. Notice I say ‘lifestyle’ not person. Science, religion, and common sense tell us it is incorrect so why does Hallmark display it as something necessary in their programming? You are offending more of your viewers than are in the gay movement. Their choices are not everyone else’s.”

And another claimed Hallmark is bullying viewers into accepting “evil behavior:”

We have been faithful viewers of your movies for many, many years. But now, all that has changed because you decided to embrace the Left’s progressive ideologies which criticize traditional values. You are no longer apolitical. For many of us, you have become the new bully on the block, using your network to indoctrinate viewers into accepting Woke and LGBTQ lifestyles. We find all of that highly offensive to our way of life. I can only ask at this point, what other types of immoral behaviors have you in store for your viewers? Much like the LGBTQ movement, pedophiles are incorporating the progressive Left’s mantra of “diversity and inclusion” to normalize their perverted behaviors.

As you can see, any kind of evil behavior will be tolerated if the words “diversity and inclusion” lack moral absolutes. When progressive Leftists say that we should allow all views, what they mean is all views except those that contradict their ideology, such as Christian views. They are intolerant of the worldview that teaches morality based on the absolutes of God’s Word. You are not walking the “diversity and inclusion” walk by omitting the Christian worldview from your movie plots.

Hence, we no longer feel welcomed by your network. In our opinion, you are taking our culture in the wrong direction, away from free speech and freedom of religion. So, we have stopped watching your movies. Nor will we watch anything on your network that embraces the Left’s progressive ideologies. We will now seek other places of entertainment that don’t attack our values. We have also stopped purchasing your products because we will not support an entity that has zero respect for our beliefs. Good-bye.

Last fall, former Hallmark star Candace Cameron-Bure left the channel in a highly publicized departure, saying her new network at Great American Family will focus on “traditional marriage,” as opposed to same-sex couples in its Christmas movies.

“For that unforgivable offense, the conservative actress has been attacked as a homophobe and a bigot, and has even been compared to Eva Braun,” wrote David Ng at Breitbart News.

Novelist Paul Rudnick tweeted: “Candace Cameron Bure has left the Hallmark Channel because it depicts LGBTQ romances which Candace says aren’t ‘Christian.’ Her next movies, on an evangelical channel, will include Eva&Adolf – Christmas In Berlin, A Caucasians-Only Klan Christmas, and A Militia Called Love.”

In 2020, Crown Media Family Networks Chief Executive Officer Bill Abbott, who oversees Hallmark Channel, left his role in the wake of Hallmark’s handling of a commercial featuring a same-sex wedding, which was yanked from the channel and then reinstated in late 2019, according to TVLine.

“No mention was made of the spot in question, which was an advertisement for the wedding-planning website Zola; the ad showed a lesbian wedding,” TVLine noted. “The commercial was part of a larger campaign that featured both same-sex and heterosexual couples. Hallmark removed the lesbian-themed ads in December but continued to air others that showcased a bride and groom.”

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