Evidence suggests Biden may have 'set up' Trump in documents case

 April 29, 2024

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

Investigative reporter Julie Kelly has uncovered a stunning witness statement that suggests, very strongly, that Joe Biden set up President Donald Trump's "documents" criminal case.

On social media, she posted an excerpt of testimony from an FBI agent being grilled about Trump's possession of his presidential papers at his home in Mar-a-Lago.

Those were the papers that apparently were targeted by an FBI SWAT-style raid on Trump's home.

And the papers were similar to the ones Joe Biden had concealed in an office, in his home, and his unsecured garage, before a special counsel recommended against charging him because of his "diminished" capacities.

The difference is that those papers were from when Biden was vice president and he never had authority to declassify them. Trump, as president, did. The case against Trump is considered by many analysts to be part of a massive "lawfare" war against Trump, with the goal by Democrats of undermining, or even killing, his 2024 presidential campaign.

Kelly's posting included this from an agent: "One of the things I wanted to talk about, if you remember sometime after the administration ended, GSA had approximately six pallets of items, boxes I believe, that were stored in Virginia. And at some point – I guess there were (sic) maybe a time limit, I'm not entirely sure – they contacted the office of 45 to inform them that, you know, they have to go. They – someone has to pick them up, or they have to be shipped, or something to that effect."

Kelly noted, "WELL WELL WELL I am pretty sure we never heard this part of the 'classifieds documents/box' story! … FBI agent says GSA was holding a large quantity of Trump's boxes in VA and then ordered his team to come get them. I am sure NOTHING hanky happened there…"

report at PJMedia, which described the revelation as a "new bombshell," noted that Judge Aileen Cannon, hearing claims by the Biden administration that Trump illegally had his presidential papers in his home, "unsealed a trove of new documents that (special counsel) Jack Smith fought to keep hidden."

Those included exchanges of information among the Biden administration and others about a case against Trump.

The report charged, "So, it appears that the Biden administration may have been responsible for shipping classified information to Trump's Mar-a-Lago home in Florida. This development is significant because Trump has previously blamed the GSA for packing the boxes that contained the classified documents…"

The feds later accused Trump of "stealing" the documents and using them as a "pretext" for the Mar-a-Lago FBI raid in August 2022.

"It was a set-up from the get-go," Tom Fitton of government watchdog Judicial Watch told the publication.

The report explained, "While this may not prove the Biden administration set up Trump in the classified documents case, considering the way the Biden administration has abused the legal system against Trump, no one can confidently say they wouldn't."

But it noted other questions that now have arisen.

"If the GSA had been in possession of the boxes, why wasn't a review of the materials conducted before they instructed Trump's team to get them? When it comes to classified information, they wouldn't have expected Trump and his staff to be responsible for ensuring that classified documents weren't among the records. Perhaps they did review the contents of the boxes and knew classified documents were contained in them before they told Trump's people to come get them."

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