Evidence shows Pelosi's J6 committee manipulated testimony to hurt Trump

 June 6, 2024

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

A new report suggests that ex-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's partisan Jan. 6 committee, assigned to "investigate" the protesters against congressional recognition of Joe Biden as president, some of whom rioted, manipulated evidence and testimony to hurt President Donald Trump.

A report from Just the News reveals that House investigators now have evidence showing that a Secret Service driver wanted to refute – quickly – the false claim that Trump struggled to control the presidential limousine that day.

But his voluntary testimony was delayed – for months – while the story about that confrontation continued to be publicized by Democrats in Congress.

At issue is a claim made at the time by Cassidy Hutchinson, who claimed Trump struggled with the Secret Service to control the limousine so he could take himself to the Capitol, where protesters were engaged in various activities, and then a few hundred of them rioted.

"The evidence was confirmed to Just the News both by Rep. Barry Loudermilk, the chairman of the House subcommittee that is investigating the Jan. 6 tragedy now for Republicans, and a transcript of the driver’s interview that was conducted months after he first offered to testify," Just the News confirmed.

Essentially, Loudermilk said, when the Hutchinson claim appeared, the Secret Service driver involved volunteered to testify as soon as he could to the fact that the incident never happened.

The committee took the testimony from Hutchinson in June, and the driver volunteered to testify to the truth of the situation in July, August, and September. But he was "rebuffed" by the commission, headed by Democrat Benny Thompson and Republican Liz Cheney, an ardent Trump critic who repeatedly has lashed out at him.

"Loudermilk on Tuesday evening decried the delay by the Democrat-led Jan. 6 committee, saying it kept Americans in the dark for months ahead of the 2022 midterm elections that there was firsthand testimony refuting Hutchinson’s sensational hearsay narrative that Trump tried to violently commandeer his Secret Service limousine on Jan. 6, 2021, to take it to the Capitol," the report said.

Hutchinson was given time during a nationally televised hearing to make her allegation. The first-hand refutation from the Secret Service then was delayed for months until just at the mid-term elections.

"The transcript of the driver’s testimony reviewed by Just the News shows his lawyer complained that his client had offered to testify in July, August, and September of 2022, but was 'rebuffed' by the January 6 committee…"

Loudermilk continued, "It was in June when they paraded Hutchinson before the world, and they let the world hear the stories. What's interesting is that at the very beginning of the driver’s testimony, his attorney starts by chastising the select committee. And he said we offered to come in July, August, September, and now it's November. So we found out for the first time that the driver had been offering to come in and testify under oath as far back as just a few weeks after Cassidy made these claims, but the select committee would not bring them in."

Critics have observed that the main point of Pelosi's committee, which was partisan because only she selected members, defying House tradition that each party nominates members of committees, was to target Trump with any allegations that could be created.

The driver eventually confirmed Trump "never tried to reach for or grab the wheel of the SUV," as claimed by Hutchinson.

The transcript shows Cheney "tried to explain" the delay by claiming the committee was waiting for document production.

"Cheney did not explain why the committee allowed Hutchinson to testify in summer 2022 before the documents were turned over, but then delayed the driver's refutation until much later," the report said.

Loudermilk documented that the committee brought in Hutchinson immediately, but "then they wait until November to even bring in the Secret Service agent."

Recognized constitutional expert Jonathan Turley, who has testified as a constitutional expert before Congress and even represented members in court, said, "Cheney and the committee members knew that Hutchinson’s account was debunked by the very driver who allegedly struggled with Trump. Yet, they allowed the media to report the incident for months while rebuffing the requests of the driver."

He added, "Many of us support the effort to bring greater transparency to what occurred on Jan. 6th and these hearings have offered a great deal of important new information. Indeed, it has proven gut-wrenching in the accounts of lawyers and staff trying to combat baseless theories and to protect the constitutional process. Yet, the heavy-handed approach to framing the evidence by the committee was both unnecessary and at times counterproductive. The strength of some of this evidence would not have been diminished by a more balanced committee or investigation."

He said the committee's "interests" clearly were in spreading the "false account."

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