Report unveils new evidence suggesting Ilhan Omar lied under oath

There have been questions and rumors circulating about the specifics of Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar’s marital history for several years now, but thanks to some help from the predominately liberal establishment media, the Democrat has somehow managed to avoid ever fully addressing the issue.

But while the liberal media has given Omar a pass, the same cannot be said for independent investigative journalists, who just uncovered new developments in the story surrounding Omar and her marriage to her now-ex-husband that could mean a day of reckoning for the freshman congresswoman is fast approaching.

Did Omar lie under oath?

Omar married Ahmed Nur Said Elmi in 2009, seven years after Omar says she first split with her current husband, Ahmed Abdisalan Hirsi, with whom the congresswoman has three children.

Omar says she and Hirsi made up in 2011, when she “religiously divorced” Elmi, but Omar didn’t legally divorce Elmi until 2017.

Those 2017 divorce proceedings weren’t attended by Elmi. Omar swore under oath that she hadn’t been able to contact her ex-husband or find him on social media, and also said she didn’t know anyone who might be able to contact him, paving the way for a “default divorce.”

But OAN political correspondent Jack Posobiec reported on recent findings that Elmi — who may or may not actually be Omar’s brother — had actually been working in Kenya alongside none other than Omar’s sister, Sahra Noor.

Noor is the CEO of an East African consulting firm known as Grit Partners. The company is based out of Nairobi, Kenya, where Elmi’s social media accounts show he also now lives.

OAN’s report also alleged that an individual with the same name as Elmi completed the coding and design for the Grit Partners website.

Time to fess up

Omar has repeatedly denied allegations of wrongdoing and declined to answer most questions regarding her marriage to Elmi.

But potential familial relations and divorce fraud allegations aside, Omar is already facing potential trouble with respect to her marriage to Elmi.

A Minnesota campaign finance violation investigation revealed that she had at one point filed joint tax returns with now-husband Hirsi while still legally married to Elmi.

It has become quite obvious that something is rather amiss in Omar’s camp. Will we ever learn the truth?

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