Evidence appears to grow that media is working to oust Biden from 2024 run, clear lane for another Democrat

July 11, 2023
Ben Marquis

There has been growing speculation that despite a seemingly confident and active re-election campaign, President Joe Biden will not serve a second term in the White House nor even be the Democratic Party's nominee once the 2024 election cycle kicks into full swing.

That theory was bolstered over the weekend by several highly critical articles of President Biden from left-leaning mainstream media outlets that, until now, have generally been friendly toward and defensive of the president, according to a Daily Wire op-ed.

Those articles, which merely belatedly documented what right-leaning critics have been saying for years but newly presented the critiques to left-leaning audiences, followed recent displays of the increasing frustrations of the White House press corps with the administration and its refusal to address legitimate questions about the president.

Media slams Biden in series of critical articles

As examples, the Daily Wire op-ed highlighted three articles published this past weekend that knocked President Biden for refusing to acknowledge his seventh grandchild, as well as for his allegedly explosive temper toward staffers, and for essentially outlasting his welcome with the American people.

The first of those, from The New York Times's Maureen Dowd, took Biden to task for the "cold" manner in which he has flatly ignored his seventh grandchild who lives in Arkansas and was fathered four years ago by his scandal-plagued son, Hunter Biden, who recently settled a child support dispute with the little girl's mother.

Then there was an Axios article that exposed Biden for berating and bullying and generally being a jerk toward his aides and staffers.

Finally, a post from The Atlantic simply called for the president to "step aside" due to his age, increasingly evident diminished mental and physical health, and consistently low job approval numbers, among other things.

Press corps suddenly asking tough questions again

That flurry of critical articles from left-leaning media outlets came on the heels of at least two recent and surprisingly harsh grillings of White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre over her refusal to answer literally any basic and relevant questions about the goings-on in the president's residence and with regard to Hunter Biden.

During the July 5 press briefing, Jean-Pierre faced nearly two dozen questions having to do with the discovery days earlier of cocaine in the White House, and reporters were unwilling to accept her incessant deferral of their queries to the Secret Service and others.

Likewise, during the June 23 press briefing, the press secretary faced a tough series of demanding questions about Hunter Biden and his various scandals, including allegations of corrupt influence-peddling, dubious foreign business dealings, and a "sweetheart" plea deal he received from the DOJ over misdemeanor tax crimes and a felony gun charge.

If not Biden, then who?

The Daily Wire op-ed surmised that all of the above -- the critical articles and the newfound inquisitiveness of the White House press corps -- were suggestive of a broader effort to try and "remove" President Biden from running for a second term in office in 2024.

Yet, the ousting of Biden would seemingly give rise to Vice President Kamala Harris -- which virtually nobody wants to see -- so the question then becomes, if not Biden and Harris, then who?

In that case, per a recent article from the Washington Examiner, consensus seems to be building that California Gov. Gavin Newsom, who has been heavily campaigning across the country in recent weeks and months, ostensibly in support of the current president, has been laying the groundwork to step in as Biden's heir and successor ... and given the recent developments, that theory is getting more and more difficult to dismiss.

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