'Every corporate board room should be very alarmed'

July 5, 2023
World Net Daily

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Huge numbers of Americans say that companies with which they do business should be neutral politically.

The results are from two polls, one by Summit.org, in partnership with McLaughlin and Associates. It surveyed 1,000 general election voters June 15-19 and found 73% of all respondents with an opinion on the issue said they prefer companies that remain neutral on political and social issues.

Barely one in four, 27%, wanted the companies where they shop to be activists.

report from Decision Magazine explained Summit.org chief Jeff Myers said, "Bud Light, Target, and the Los Angeles Dodgers have found out the hard way that huge numbers of their customers don’t support what they consider to be ‘woke’ values.

"This poll shows how big the issue is: nearly three-fourths of Americans say they don’t like it when businesses weigh in on controversial issues and more than half support boycotts of companies that take political or cultural stands. CEOs and companies have a choice to make: continue virtue signaling to the progressive left minority and in turn alienate most Americans, or return to doing what companies do best—staying in their lane and providing products and services their customers want."

That poll showed 52% of respondents with an opinion on the issue said they supported plans to boycott businesses that take public stands on those issues.

In recent days, that's been the LGBT ideology being promoted by Joe Biden. He's attempted to install that belief system in America's military, education, and social systems.

Decision reported, "In a similar survey of 1,088 likely voters, conducted June 5-9 by the Trafalgar Group for the Convention of States Action, 61.9% said that businesses should 'seek to be neutral on cultural issues.'"

That includes nearly 82% of Republicans and 37% of Democrats.

In that assessment, the report said, 40.8% confirmed they had participated in a boycott over a company's "progressive or woke" positions on social issues.

Some 24% claimed to have boycotted a company for "conservative" stances.

"Every corporate board room should be very alarmed at these poll results. American voters simply want businesses to provide products and services and not be a megaphone for political activism—especially radical activism from the left," explained Mark Meckler, chief of the Convention of States.

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