Evan Corcoran departure from Trump's legal team leads CNN pundits to mockery

By Jen Krausz on
 April 15, 2024

On Thursday night, CNN pundits Maggie Haberman and Elie Honig had a good time mocking former President Donald Trump for his troubles with keeping lawyers after Evan Corcoran became the latest to depart, but they missed the point entirely as usual.

"It's a tough gig," Honig said about defending Trump, and the two began to detail what has happened to former Trump counsel.

These former Trump lawyers have been indicted: Michael Cohen (who spent time in jail in spite of turning on Trump), John Eastman, Jeffrey Clark, Jenna Ellis, Sydney Powell and former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani.

Eastman and Clark lost their law licenses, and Ellis and Powell have pled guilty to crimes. Giuliani has not pled guilty so far.

"Tough gig"

"I mean, it’s really hard to think of an example of someone, who’s represented Trump, and come out of it with their financial situation intact, their professional reputation intact, their exposure to crimes intact. It’s a grueling job. It’s a tough gig," Honig said.

They then said that Trump has "cycled" through lawyers for many years, even before he was president.

They neglected to mention that none of his lawyers ever got indicted until he became president, and that's the thing all the Trump-haters apparently don't get about the whole situation.

Honig and Haberman and all of their ilk want you to believe that some defect of Trump's has led to all of these defections and prosecutions, but they completely ignore the harassment and vitriol these attorneys have faced just for being on Trump's legal team.

Stacked against Trump

The fact is, these lawyers get ruthlessly attacked by leftist legal groups with the complicity of the deep state in the Justice Department and local governments, who go after their law licenses for doing nothing more than representing Trump.

This has made it very difficult for Trump to get good lawyers--which is exactly why they do it--but it is patently unfair and is making the justice system in this country unfairly stacked against Trump.

Where is "equal justice under the law" when Trump's lawyers face persecution and prosecution just for representing him?

Why isn't he as entitled to competent counsel as a murderer or any actual criminal?

"Poked" Habba

Haberman, a New York Times columnist who has been more fair than most to Trump in previous interviews, even said he "literally poked" Alina Habba to get up and defend him at times during previous court cases, implying that the two were at odds.

Habba has already cost him $83 million in the E. Jean Carroll defamation cases, although it is nearly impossible for a Republican to get a fair trial in New York City and the cases are being appealed.

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