'Essentially murder': Top cancer expert condemns COVID shots

 May 23, 2024

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

When the pharmaceutical industry, with the U.S. government promising a payday windfall, assembled those mRNA COVID shots, there was scant information about the negative impacts they could have.

They were unleashed on an unsuspecting public with the "experimental" label as both governments and corporations made them mandatory.

Since then, multiple reports and studies have confirmed the deadly side effects they delivered to victims, up to and including fatal heart ailments.

Now one expert assessment of those medical schemes has gone further in its criticism: a top cancer expert from Japan is calling them "essentially murder."

The report is from Daily News from the Art of Liberty on Substack.

It explains Dr. Masanori Fukushima was citing "turbo cancers" that move very fast and often are in Stage Four, a terminal point, "by the time they are diagnosed."

He said the toll is much worse than what could be explained by the fact so many people were locked down and failed to have regular health evaluations, thereby missing early cancer warning signs.

He shared one story of a man, 28, found dead by his wife, just five days after taking the second mRNA shot from Pfizer.

"The doctor who did the autopsy said that when he tried to remove the heart, it was soft and had disintegrated," Fukushima said. "And even just one case like this shows how dangerous this vaccine can be."

He cited the serious health dangers that so far have been documented even among the fully healthy.

"It’s serious. It’s essentially murder. In the end, I want to state clearly that this is my view," the doctor said.

He pointed out that the media largely promoted the shots, downplayed the dangers, and even categorized those with doubts as anti-science "heretics."

Those voices, he said, were not coming from a scientific basis, but one "more akin to hysteria or even cult behavior."

And the damage doesn't stop with health, he warned, citing new concerns about medicine and consumers' trust in what they are told, as well as democracy, as a few elites essentially ordered the nation's path through the COVID crisis.

Troubling, he said, were the "off-target" impacts on the brain, liver, and bone marrow, and the fact that the spike proteins embedded in the shots have been found in people more than a year after the shots.

And he blamed the World Health Organization for its hasty push of the shots, without what he considered an adequate investigation.

WHO, he said, should be considered to have participated in "an abuse, a misuse of science and an evil practice of science, to be frank."

The damages are huge, he said.

"Imagine finding your spouse dead in the morning. It’s no joke. A vaccine that causes such outcomes, even a single death, is unacceptable."

He said his own government has confirmed 2,134 deaths due to the COVID-19 shot.

The results include a growing surge of cases of myalgic encephalomyelitis, autoimmune diseases, neurodegenerative diseases, cancer, and more.

"It’s as if we’ve opened Pandora’s box… We must take these damages seriously and address them earnestly," he said.

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