Eric Trump rallies supporters behind father Donald’s agenda ahead of midterms

Historically, off-year elections don’t bode particularly well for the party of the president in the White House, partly because the minority opposition is more excited to reclaim power than the majority is to maintain it — but also because it is more difficult to rally a president’s supporters when the president isn’t actually on the ballot.

But at a campaign stop in Ohio to rouse support ahead of Nov. 6, the president’s son Eric Trump told a crowd of Republicans that his father is “100 percent on the ballot” this year — at least in terms of agenda. reported that the president’s second son was in Canton, Ohio, on Friday morning in support of Republican Senate candidate Rep. Jim Renacci, who is challenging incumbent Democrat Sen. Sherrod Brown. Trump was also there to rally for Rep. Bob Gibbs, who is running to maintain his own House seat.

Renacci is facing a long shot to displace Brown from the Senate — the RCP polling average has Brown leading by 7.5 points and has labeled the Ohio seat “leans Dem” — but things look a bit better for Gibbs, who is running for re-election in a district the president won by 30 points in 2016.

“100 percent on the ballot”

As part of the effort to gin up support for Gibbs and Renacci among Trump supporters, the president’s son framed the upcoming election as something of a referendum on the president and his “MAGA” agenda, even though he wasn’t specifically in the running for an election this year.

Speaking to a small crowd at a warehousing business in Canton, Eric Trump said: “My father is 100 percent on the ballot.”

“He’s 100 percent on the ballot because if we don’t hold the House, if we don’t hold the Senate, it’s going to be so much harder to get anything done. They will make his life miserable,” the president’s son added, in reference to the difficulties a Trump White House would face if opposed by a Democrat-controlled Congress.

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Rallying supporters

To further encourage supporters of the president to get out and vote, Trump reminded his audience of the incredibly positive October jobs report, which noted that there were more jobs available in the U.S., fewer people enrolling in unemployment and welfare programs, and a 3.1 percent rise in wages — the highest number since April 2009.

Eric Trump went on to say that his father had “accomplished more in the last two years than any president in history.” He also touched on a number of other hot-button cultural topics during his speech, such as illegal immigration and the fight against political correctness.

The president himself is expected to appear at a campaign rally in Cleveland on Monday as part of his whirlwind cross-country campaign to rile up his supporters to vote red in the final days ahead of Tuesday’s elections.

President Donald Trump’s name won’t be appearing on a single ballot on Nov. 6, but the continuation of his agenda — which is intrinsically linked with Republicans maintaining control of Congress — most certainly is.

Americans who support President Trump and want him to proceed with his MAGA agenda must turn out at the polls on Tuesday — if they haven’t already voted early — unless they want the Dems to take control of Congress and everything in Washington to grind to a halt for the next two years.

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