Eric Trump blasts New York ruling against his father's businesses

 February 17, 2024

Eric Trump vehemently criticized the civil fraud trial's outcome, denouncing the nearly $355 million fine imposed on his father, former President Trump, by New York Judge Arthur Engoron as "horribly sad."

In an interview on Fox News’s “The Ingraham Angle” Friday evening, Eric Trump vehemently defended his father, asserting his innocence and highlighting his significant contributions to shaping the New York City skyline.

The comments

He portrayed the fine as unjust retribution for actions he claimed were not only lawful but also beneficial for the city's financial landscape.

Eric Trump lamented what he saw as a biased trial, lamenting that numerous witnesses had attested to his father's innocence and the lack of wrongdoing within the Trump Organization.

He accused Judge Engoron of disregarding this evidence and using the trial as a means to discredit and punish the Trump family.

The ruling's details

His comments come in the aftermath of Judge Engoron's ruling, which ordered the former president to pay over $355 million for allegedly inflating and deflating his net worth to gain tax and insurance benefits.

Prior to the trial, Judge Engoron had already found Trump and his top executives, including Eric Trump and Donald Trump Jr., liable for fraud.

Despite the fine being slightly lower than the amount requested by Attorney General Letitia James, Eric Trump condemned the ruling as a politically motivated attack on his father and the Trump Organization.

He accused New York's leadership of orchestrating a biased trial and weaponizing the legal system for political gain.

What's next?

Eric Trump expressed concern over the implications of the trial's outcome for New York's reputation, warning potential residents to be cautious about moving to a state he portrayed as hostile to business interests.

He criticized the court's handling of the case, alleging that Judge Engoron had predetermined the outcome and unfairly targeted the Trump family.

In response to the ruling, Eric Trump vowed to appeal, describing it as a miscarriage of justice against his father during his attempt to return to the White House for another term as president.

He pledged to fight tirelessly to overturn the decision and restore what he viewed as his father's unfairly tarnished reputation, hoping to see the verdict reversed in the days ahead despite the ruling for a massive financial payment against Trump's companies.

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