Eric Adams on the outs with Biden, off his campaign advisory board over immigration

May 17, 2023
Jen Krausz

It didn't take long for New York City Mayor Eric Adams to be on the outs with President Joe Biden, and now it has been reported that Adams has been kicked off the President's re-election advisory board over disagreements on issues like crime and immigration.

According to Axios, Adams is not happy that Biden isn't doing more to stop record levels of illegal immigration, and Biden doesn't like that Adams criticizes the administration publicly when he has a problem with something it's doing.

Apparently, Adams is not the only high-level Democrat who thinks Biden isn't doing enough on immigration, but others are content to let Adams bear the brunt of Biden's wrath for saying so.

One senior official in a Democrat-led state told Axios, "Adams is right to be upset, and I think it’s a massive mistake to be dismissive of him."

"Failed this city"

Adams has had over 40,000 illegal immigrants sent to his city, which has strained his budget and displaced some New Yorkers from shelters because there's nowhere else to go with them and no additional funding.

"The president and the White House have failed this city,” Adams said in April about the lack of funding.

Axios noted that there's not a lot the administration can do to provide the requested funding without backing from Congress, which has not been forthcoming since the GOP took over the House.

But Republicans might be more likely to provide funding if Biden were making moves to actually stop the flood of migrants across the border, like building the rest of the border wall and reinstating former President Donald Trump's Remain in Mexico policy.

"New face"

Adams has pulled no punches since the beginning, declaring himself the "new face" of the Democrat party, which leaves Biden to be the "old face," I guess.

Despite his criticism of Biden and Biden's leaving him off the advisory board, though, Adams made it clear that he supports Biden's re-election.

"I don't know what their plans are, but let's be clear, Biden is my guy. I want Biden to be the next president, be re-elected," he said.

For Biden's part, his campaign spokesperson Kevin Munoz told Axios: "President Biden counts Mayor Adams as a friend and partner. He looks forward to working with the mayor on issues impacting New Yorkers and to win the presidency again in 2024."

An Adams administration official tried to explain, "The mayor compartmentalizes things, and that’s what’s going on here. He thinks the president is doing a really good job and will strongly support him in any way he can, but he is upset about the way he is handling the asylum-seeker crisis."

Other Democrat mayors on the advisory board include Karen Bass of Los Angeles, Andre Dickens of Atlanta, Mike Duggan of Detroit, Kate Gallego of Phoenix, Vi Lyles of Charlotte, Aftab Pureval of Cincinnati, Satya Rhodes-Conway of Madison, Regina Romero of Tucson and Levar Stoney of Richmond.

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