Jeffrey Epstein's brother Mark accused former AG Bill Barr of a 'cover-up,' doesn't believe brother died of suicide

 January 11, 2024

The official government narrative is that the late disgraced financier and convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein committed suicide in a jail cell in 2019, but not everybody believes that Epstein killed himself.

Among the doubters is the deceased's brother, Mark Epstein, who has accused former Attorney General Bill Barr of a "cover-up" regarding the true details of the death of his controversial sibling, the Daily Mail reported.

Epstein questioned the thoroughness of the supposed "investigation" of the suspicious death and noted several inconsistencies that have caused him to doubt the official conclusion of suicide.

Wasn't "much of an investigation" into Epstein's death

Mark Epstein spoke by phone this week with NewsNation host Leland Vittert and, when asked why he has insistently demanded an additional probe into his brother's death, replied that there "doesn't seem to have been much of an investigation at all."

"Things like the EMT and the medical personnel at the hospital, none of them have ever been questioned," he continued, which he found "odd" because 'They're always questioned, especially in high-profile cases. So the question becomes, what investigation was done? There doesn't seem to have been any."

He further noted that the county pathologist who conducted the autopsy, as well as a private pathologist he hired, "they both came out of the autopsy saying they could not call it a suicide because it appeared too much like a homicide," and as such wrote "pending" as the cause of death.

However, Epstein said, rather than wait several weeks for further investigation, Attorney General Barr is alleged to have intervened just days later and declared the death to be a "suicide," even though "It wasn't really his position to do that."

"Who was Bill Barr protecting?"

At that time in 2019, according to CBS News, AG Barr said he was "appalled" at the number of "serious irregularities" at the Manhattan jail where Jeffrey Epstein died, and per the Daily Mail later said in an interview that a "perfect storm of screw-ups" had resulted in the unfortunate opportunity for the previously convicted pedophile to take his own life while awaiting additional sex trafficking charges.

In the NewsNation interview, asked if he believed Barr's assessment, Mark Epstein replied, "No, I don't. Yes, there were screw-ups, but that doesn’t mean that my brother was, you know, committed suicide because of screw-ups."

He went on to mention "a number of reasons why he would not commit suicide," including his concerted efforts to be released on bail. He also later noted that his brother had mentioned having undisclosed "dirt" on both 2016 presidential candidates -- Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump -- but professed ignorance of what that supposed information might have been.

"I wasn’t involved with his day-to-day life so I don’t know what he knows, but to go back to your initial question, why? I mean, you’d have to ask Bill Barr," Epstein said. "If he was covering this up, which it appears to be, who was he covering it up for? Who was Bill Barr protecting?"

"Yes, it's a cover-up" that AG Barr should be asked about

Mark Epstein has been raising questions about his brother Jeffrey's death for years but seems to have a renewed urgency now amid the release of unsealed documents from a previously settled lawsuit filed by one of the deceased's alleged victims that sheds a little more light on some of the high-profile figures who were rumored to have been involved in the late Epstein's alleged sexual proclivities.

In a separate interview last week with local Florida media outlet WPBF, Epstein was dismissive of the documents and said, "What I’m concerned about is my brother’s murder," and later added of the supposed federal investigation of the purported suicide, "Yes, it’s a cover-up. I don’t think Bill Barr killed my brother. So then, who is he covering up for? That becomes a question, and that’s what he should be asked."

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