Epstein Wrote A Will That Kept Victims From Getting His Money

Jeffrey Epstein was apparently an evil genius…

In spite of the fact that Epstein’s accusers were on the verge of getting a huge chunk of his estate, he apparently took a step to keep in out of their hands before his death.

According to Fox Business, just 2 days before Epstein died, he signed a will that put over $500 million in assets in a Virgin Islands trust.

As a result of Epstein’s actions, it’s very possible that it will prevent his sex abuse victims from getting their fair share.

“‘Filing in the Virgin Islands will make it more difficult’ for potential victims and their lawyers to recover any of Epstein’s assets and that may deter victims ‘who aren’t well-funded’ said Rubenstein.  It is not so much the trust that Epstein created via his will that made things more difficult, but the location of the filing: ‘You’ve certainly made things more complicated for them by having a probate in the US Virgin Islands . . . They require you to come to them.'”

Rubenstein later noted:

“The longer they [the accusers] wait, the worse it’s going to get for them.  And he [Epstein] set it up in a way that expenses will mount quickly.”

Epstein’s decision to move assets into the Virgin Islands was his last attempt to thwart justice.

It’s apparent that this monster showed absolutely no remorse in the countless he ruined. He didn’t care.

It’s a shame he died in prison. He deserved to live the rest of his days in torment.

Until we learn more, one thing is certain: Epstein was a man who deserved far worse than he got.

Stay tuned for more news. I’ll keep you updated as details get released.

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