Jeffrey Epstein signed will just two days before suicide

The case of Jeffrey Epstein’s death just got a lot more interesting.

It was just discovered that only two days before allegedly killing himself, Epstein signed his last will and testament. His brother Mark Epstein would have been the sole heir if the will had not been filed.

Underestimated Worth

Several weeks ago, when Epstein was first appearing in federal court, he estimated his worth at about $550 million.

In his own will, however, he lists his worth at more than $575 million, and there are still some assets that have to be accounted for. Two of his biggest assets were his hedge funds and equities accounts.

The Little Saint James island property, in addition to the small harbor he owns in the Virgin Islands, was listed at almost $64 million. Epstein also listed the Great Saint James island property at more than $22 million.

While listing several homes in the will, the most valuable after the Little Saint James island and the harbor was his New York property on 71st street, listing at almost $56 million. Not included in the estate’s valuation at this point is Epstein’s art collection, antiques, and other personal property.

Authorities have already recovered cash and diamonds from one of his properties, so his overall worth will climb significantly once all of this is factored in.

The most curious piece of artwork revealed thus far was a painting of President Bill Clinton in a blue dress, raising ever more questions about the depth of their relationship.

Who Gets It All?

The will places Epstein’s estate into a trust, but it’s unclear who the trust’s beneficiaries are. But with several lawsuits pending and more sure to come, the trust is likely to run dry before any beneficiaries ever get to enjoy that money. “It could take many, many years before anybody gets a penny of this, and it all depends, too, on how much the executors want to fight it,” an estate expert told Time.

The fact that Epstein signed this document only two days before his alleged suicide and the controversy surrounding his death seems to have created even more questions about what really happened to Epstein.

While his death has officially been ruled a suicide, the autopsy report has not been released, and many still wonder if there is more to the story.

Until the DOJ investigations into this matter are finalized, the guesswork and conspiracy theories will continue.

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