Unearthed Epstein tapes reveal inside look at disgraced pedophile

Several years ago, Jeffrey Epstein sat down with a reporter to offer a rare inside glimpse of his world.

Those audio tapes were recently revealed, and they show that Epstein was fully aware that his lifestyle was far from the norm.

An Inside Look

The interview was conducted by journalist David Bank in 2003. After Epstein was arrested, Bank listened to the tapes again to see if they offered any insight to the recent happenings.

One section of the interview was very relevant to why Epstein was arrested and what he was trying to hide with his apparent suicide.

The interview itself was conducted on Epstein’s private island. However, the reporter was not permitted entry into the home. Instead, it was conducted in a nearby gazebo.

When asked directly why the interview was being conducted there rather than inside, Epstein gave a very simple but telling answer: “Too many girls.”


If anyone was under the impression Epstein was not aware his behavior was a social taboo, this interview ends that suspicion.

Right out of the gate, Epstein admitted his lifestyle would make many other people uncomfortable.

He even acknowledged that his behavior would make others “totally whacko.” He would go on to say that was the reason he would retreat to his own island or even his own home.

The rest of the interview goes on to discuss his interests and his business. The tapes almost make him sound like a hustler, someone that almost knowingly cheated customers at times, as he talks about being bought off.

While only a portion of the tapes was released, it would be very interesting to hear them in full, as Epstein no doubt went further into detail than a single shocking soundbite.

It would also be interesting to hear from the actual reporter as to what, if anything, he witnessed while on that island.

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