Epstein video surveillance footage reappears after mysteriously going missing

The suspicious circumstances surrounding the death of imprisoned sex offender Jeffrey Epstein has everyone wondering what actually happened that permitted Epstein to hang himself in his cell without the guards knowing anything.

We may now be one step closer to learning the truth, as a major breakthrough has been made with the rediscovery of previously lost surveillance footage of the outside of his prison cell.  

Gone missing

When news of the missing tape started to circulate, the conspiracy whispers started again. This case was literally the perfect storm of what could go wrong in a prison to allow a suicide to successfully be carried out.

Several prison guards are already under investigation for their role in all of this, with one of them reportedly willing to speak to authorities.

The guards are under fire for allegedly falsifying records stating they did their rounds when that was clearly not taking place.

Then, of course, we have the disappearance of this surveillance video. As it turns out, the disappearance was not quite as nefarious as everyone believed. Reports stated the video had been “preserved” by the Metropolitan Correctional Center (MCC).

The legal team of Epstein’s previous cellmate, who claims to have helped save Epstein’s life during his first attempted suicide, requested the video be held due to the case against their client.

How this was missed by authorities has yet to be explained, with only an admission that the tape had been set aside and preserved per the defense counsel’s request being offered.

What will we see?

Just what is on that tape, nobody knows at this point and won’t know until the tape is released.

What we have learned, though, is that Epstein’s cell was only 15 feet from the guard’s desk. The footage should confirm there was no movement by the guards for hours, even though they were required to check on him every 30 minutes.

It may also provide some insight as to how a man could be struggling for his life 15 feet away and nobody seemed to hear anything that would have caused alarm.

Until we actually see this video, though, everyone is left to speculate what actually happened on that fateful night to Jeffrey Epstein.

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