Epstein Possibly MURDERED, According To Legal Team

Jeffrey Epstein’s team isn’t finished yet.

After the alleged pedophile’s dead body was found hanging in his jail cell, Epstein’s lawyers still aren’t convinced that it was from suicide.

Since the prison where Epstein died seems to be ran incompetently, Epstein’s team has decided to investigate his death themselves. They aren’t taking any chances that his death might have been a murder.

According to TMZ:

“Sources connected to Epstein tell TMZ, his [Epstein’s] team is frustrated officials at the Manhattan Metropolitan Correctional Center and the medical examiner haven’t given them nearly all the information required to form a conclusion on cause of death. The medical examiner says it was a suicide by hanging, but Epstein’s team says the ME is jumping the gun…”

The report later goes on to state:

“We’re told Epstein’s team wants to know about other inmates who made threats against him.”

Good. Epstein’s legal team is absolutely right to be suspicious. The Daily Mail reported just a few days ago about how Epstein feared for his life just days before his death.

Rumor has it that one of Epstein’s cell mates had to be moved because Epstein was scared of him. If these reports are determined to be true, it would be a major step in figuring out if Epstein’s life really was taken by someone else.

Regardless of what is found, Epstein is dead. That’s all that matters.

And with Epstein’s death is the guaranteed silence – which is good for all of the high ranking celebrities and government officials implicated in the scandal.

This is indeed one of America’s craziest death stories.

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