Records show that Jeffrey Epstein spent significant time out of his jail cell

Being rich and powerful affords you many privileges the average person can’t have.

As we learn more about the Jeffrey Epstein case, new and shocking details continue to emerge. Reports now suggest that the billionaire pedophile may have gamed the system to spend as many as 12 hours a day outside of his cell. 

Why this was allowed is just another question in need of an answer.

Questionable Decision

Epstein was, at the time of his death, the most important prisoner in the U.S. criminal justice system. By virtue of his status, he also had a vast and powerful network as well as every means to evade justice.

The judge in his criminal case was right to deny him bail. We now know that his contact with those outside the system should also have been carefully monitored.

Now it is being reported that Epstein’s lawyers visited him in prison consistently, allowing him to be out of his cell for up to 12 hours a day.

While awaiting trial, Epstein obviously had his right to an attorney, but that much time spent in meetings is very suspicious. To add to the outrage, it wasn’t just his primary legal team visiting. He also paid additional lawyers extra to visit him just so he could spend time away from his cell.

An anonymous attorney who asked not to be named said Epstein was visited by a young woman who did not appear to be an associate working on his legal defense. As the attorney put it, the “optics were startling.

What happened?

Considering Epstein’s suicide, what was he discussing with his lawyers? Furthermore, why would Epstein have been visited by a young woman?

Assuming this was all part of an exhaustive effort to plan his defense, it seems increasingly unlikely that he was despondent or suicidal. Epstein reportedly even told his lawyer before he died, “I’ll see you Sunday.”

Or could the reason for the endless visits be far more chilling?

Maybe Epstein knew he wasn’t safe in the prison. Perhaps he knew someone powerful wanted him dead. We may never know the answer to these questions; however, his victims most certainly deserve them.

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