Jeffrey Epstein arrest may create big problem for Bill Clinton

One of the most notorious pedophiles of our time was arrested this weekend and the news surely sent a shiver down the spine of Bill Clinton.

Jeffrey Epstein, a noted friend and ally of Bill Clinton, has officially been taken into custody this weekend for undisclosed charges, according to reports.

However, most of the speculation is that Epstein will be charged with numerous sex trafficking crimes involving minors.

Clinton-Epstein Friendship

If the name Jeffrey Epstein sounds familiar, it should. Epstein was a mega-donor for the Democrat party and a close friend to Bill Clinton.

His name most recently came up during the 2016 election for his ties to the former president.

At the time, Clinton was believed to have taken almost a dozen trips on Epstein’s personal plane.

Some of those trips were believed to have been to Epstein’s private island, dubbed “Orgy Island.”

Suspicion Cast on Bill Clinton

After Epstein was arrested, flight logs from Epstein’s plane, the so-called “Lolita Express,” were made public by Fox News.

In those logs, it was revealed that Bill Clinton actually flew on the plane 26 times. Additionally, on at least five of those trips, Clinton ditched his security detail. Speculation is already running rampant as to why Clinton would have asked his security detail to remain behind.

Considering Clinton’s penchant for womanizing and Epstein’s rumored parties, the numbers add up to some big troubles for Bill Clinton. To this point, Epstein’s connections have kept him out of considerable trouble.

Most believe that is because the information Epstein possesses will take down some of the richest and most powerful people in the entire country.

Christine Pelosi, who is the daughter of Nancy Pelosi and a DNC official, stated “some of our faves” are likely to be implicated once Epstein starts spilling his guts.

The Clintons are surely panicking right now, as their names might just be at the top of that list.

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